Edward Bloom

Edward Bloom is the protagonist of the book, film, and musical Big Fish. He is a story-teller, only his son, Will, doesn't happen to enjoy them because they are "not true." Of course, they are, but they're just exaggerated.

Edward had been born only to be forced away by an unknown force, but got caught by one nurse, but not before another misses.

He was childhood friends with Don and Zachary Price and a girl named Ruthie, and he was dared to get the Witch's eye in one story. He does, only to give it back, and he and Don are shown visions of their future deaths. Also, because he'd been enlarging while singing in church, he'd been confined to his bed for three years.

As an adult (but not old), he volunteered to be a human sacrifice for a giant who ate certain organisms and whatnot in Edward's hometown, Ashton. It turned out the giant, named Karl, had been misunderstood and never wanted to eat anyone. He convinces Karl to leave, but to leave with him. So, no longer afraid of the giant, the citizens are sad to see them both leave.

Later, after taking a dangerous shortcut, Edward ends up visiting an unusual town named Spectre, where the roads are all made of grass and, with many pairs of shoes hanging on a line, where everybody goes barefoot. He agrees to stay, especially with the mayor, his wife, and daughter Jenny, but because of not being ready to settle anywhere yet, leaves (in his bare feet) that night. Of course, he isn't surprised by getting his feet hurt from going into the forest, but when he was being frightened by moving trees, he declares, "This is not how I die!", causing them to stop.

In the next story, Edward works for free at a circus for a year, receiving trivia about the girl of his dreams, Sandra Templeton. Afterward, he orders daffodils for her, only to find out she was engaged to Don Price, whom she makes Edward promise not to hurt. Because of this, Edward receives all of the beating from Don, much to Sandra's shock and refusal to marry him.

When, after inspiration from Edward, the poet Norther Winslow leaves Spectre, he has Edward help him rob a bank, only to find out there is no money left to take. Edward advises Norther to go to Wall Street. Grateful for this, Norther sends him a check, which he uses to buy a proper house. He then marries Sandra, whom he has Will with.

He is played by the late Albert Finney as a senior citizen, Ewan McGregor as a young man, and Scott Christopher McPherson Jr. as a child.

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