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Edward Buck was an ODST who appeared in the 2009 video game Halo 3: ODST, from the prominent Halo franchise. He later made a second appearance in the 2015 video game Halo 5: Guardians as a new inauguree of the SPARTAN-IVs. Outside of the games and in novel-exclusive Halo lore, he appeared in the novels Halo: New Blood and Halo: Bad Blood. He is voiced and modeled facially after Nathan Fillion.



Edward Malcolm Buck was born on August 22, 2510, on the planet Draco III. Even at a young age, Buck had ties to the UNSC, since his mother was enlisted to their service as a marine. However, she retired, and Buck was raised by his mother and father, the latter of which was a dockworker. His father's ties to docking artison led buck to become a fisherman at a young age. Ultimately, he would enlist in the UNSC like his mother at the age of 18.


Buck's brash, careless, yet congenial behavior led him to becoming intoxicated prior to arriving at his designated location for his first day in the UNSC. His performance in training would instead eventually lead him to getting promoted to ODST status. But even before his service as an ODST, he performed very well during the Human-Covenant war. One of the many heroic things he did was liberate the planet Harvest. He and his teammates also tried unsuccessfully to liberate other planets from the evil Covenant. Outside of Buck's career, a Forerunner artifact would be discovered and used to destroy the surface of Harvest, eliminating its people but keeping the planet intact.

Upon watching the Covenant destroy his homeworld, Buck became furious with them, and developed a hatred for them that is hard to imagine, which made him fight harder than before. This was when Buck started to develop a brash, ill-tempered personality, which persisted while under command of ODST commander Veronica Dare. They had a bitter relationship, that later developed into an affection for her, which was not mutual. This haunted Buck for the rest of his career, but didn't do anything to deter him from his duties. Despite his absence in the game Halo: Reach, he was revealed to have participated in the Fall of Reach in the novel Halo: Bad Blood.

Later on in Halo: Bad Blood, Buck fought in the Battle of Sargasso, until one day, Earth itself had come under attack. The city of Mombasa had been turned to ruin, and the Rookie had to fend for himself as he searched for his squadmates. Centered on ODSTs, in Halo 3: ODST, Buck fought in the Battle of Mombasa against the Covenant Jiralhanae, an alien species nicknamed "Brutes". Elsewhere, the rival Elites had defacted from the Covenant due to the Prophets excluding them in an operation called "The Great Schism". The Elites were betrayed by the rest of their kind, as well as those under their command. Because of this, all the Elites Buck saw on the streets of Mombasa were all dead-- to his confusion. The player would know that by the time of Halo 3, most of the Elites were allied with the UNSC, including the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam. It was in this battle that Buck would reunite with leader Veronica Dare, and would later kiss her, though unintentionally in the presence of the Rookie, who is the main character in Halo 3: ODST. He also cooperated with ODSTs Mickey and Romeo.

Buck facing Prometheans, the central enemies featured in ''Halo 5: Guardians''

Eventually, following the Battle of Earth and Mombasa where the Prophet of Regret was killed by the Master Chief himself John-117 in Halo 3, Jun-A266 offered to Buck a chance to enter the SPARTAN-IV program. He initially declined, though his acceptance of this offer later on would lead to his role in Halo 5: Guardians, assisting Fireteam Osiris under command of Jameson Locke. After defeating a team of Insurrectionist rebels consisting of corrupted SPARTAN-IVs, he, Jameson Locke, and the other two members of Fireteam Osiris would go on a long journey to arrest John-117 for disobeying orders and attempting to retrieve a rampant yet omniscient Cortana, with the help of John's own squad consisting of allies of his past. This would later turn into a mission to stop Cortana, which they temporarily succeeded in. In this particular battle, Buck played a huge role in the story of Halo by stopping Cortana from taking over the world and forcibly extorting peace. They would fight the superpowered Warden Eternal multiple times, proving his incredible combat skill.

Later on in the novels, Dare proposed to Buck, finally reciprocating feelings for him, and asking him since logically Buck wouldn't dare ask a lady out the second time, as would any other man. Jameson Locke and company would watch the marriage take place, as well as Thomas Laskey and the male AI Roland.