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Whoa, let me stop you right there Derek. We are not! going through the same situation, let me tell you difference between you and me, Derek. You have a 13 year old slappy happy psychopath chasing you around, while i'm hearing sirens in my head 24/7, a human chessboard is trying to rip my eye out and a thing which i don't even know if is human or not is always following me. So yeah, we are totally going through the same situation Derek!
~ Edward Davis

Edward Davis is the main protagonist of the Architect Verse series, SirensInTheNight. He is one of the Marked Ones, along with Alex Henderson, Gabriel Holden and Jeff Woods.


He initially created the channel with the purpose to record the strange occurrences in his local area, however, as the series progressed, his channel was hacked and in addition, a masked figure calling himself Reaper began to stalk him. He later met a more intimidating foe called Chess. With the help of Derek Day from -Jeff Woods-, he is now trying to find out what is really going on and also trying to find the remaining Masks of Nature and Technology.

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