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Edward Davis was a SPARTAN-IV supersoldier in the Halo series.


Edward Davis' appearance is that of a typical Spartan, with gold plated armor. According to Halopedia, he wears the Recruit variant of the MJOLNIR GEN 2 Powered Assault Armor. The armor first appeared in Halo 4.


The fourth iteration of the SPARTAN supersoldier projects was the SPARTAN-IV Program, which unlike the previous three, tested adults rather than inaugurating children. Edward Davis was one of the first to enter the program, soon becoming one of the first SPARTAN-IVs to board the UNSC ship Infinity. He and fellow Spartan Sarah Palmer performed well in UNSC missions, though Davis' career would not last long.

The two of them helped repel an attempted hijack of their ship Infinity from human Insurrectionists. Wishing they had jetpacks, the team assigned each other their targets. Davis took out his four targets while Palmer dealth with ex-Spartan Ilsa Zane. He then gloated about how he won their bet: that Davis would take out his four targets before Palmer took out Zane, who had SPARTAN-IV augmentations. Palmer curtly responded that she'd beat him next time, if there was a next time.

Spartan Davis' last stand against the Covenant Elites

At some point in his career, Davis was stationed on the moon of Draetheus V, known as X50, when Merg Vol launched an assault. Despite the valiant efforts of Davis and the UNSC forces backing him up, the Covenant was able to swarm them in less than an hour. While Palmer traveled to Draetheus V to warn its people of an impending attack, Davis stayed back on X50 to combat the swarm. It was on this surface that Davis would take his land stand-- literally. The details surrounding his death are unclear, though it was revealed that X50 was in fact a Forerunner artifact, which was used to put the planet on the verge of collapse.