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It might be that this idea is only the beginning of wisdom, and not its final form.
~ Edward Kenway

Edward James Kenway was the main protagonist of the 2013 action-adventure video game Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, the sixth major installment in the Assassin's Creed series. He was also a posthumous mentioned character in Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed Rogue and Assassin's Creed Syndicate; the franchise's fifth, seventh and ninth major installments respecitvely.

Kenway was a Welsh-born British privateer-turned-pirate who later became a member of the Assassin Brotherhood. He is the father of the Assassins's Creed III antagonist, Haytham Kenway and the grandfather of the protagonist of the same game, Ratonhnhaké:ton (or Connor Kenway).

Edward used to be a privateer in the British Navy and was stationed in West Indies. However, a quick end to the war and the promise of gold, glory and fame eventually seduced him into a life of piracy; it was during this quest that Edward first encountered the Assassin and Templar Orders, and became embroiled in their struggle.

He is voiced by Matt Ryan. Ryan has also voiced/portrayed John Constantine in various media.


During his formative years, Edward was a brave, albeit reckless individual who was infatuated with the idea of fame and glory. Such was his obsession that he left his first wife to become a privateer in the British Navy, hoping to score his fortune in the Caribbean and prove his worth. After the Treaty of Utrecht effectively made privateers redundant, many turned to a life of piracy, Edward among them.

As the captain of the Jackdaw he quickly became feared and respected for his skill at the helm of a ship and his combat prowess, with even the renowned Edward Thatch commenting on his ability. It was the promise of wealth, power and infamy that spurred Edward into seeking out the Observatory, at the expense of both the Templars and Assassins. Although the Assassin Mary Read knew him to be good at heart and capable of change, the Assassins en-large remained suspicious of him and strongly disagreed with his lifestyle.

Despite the vested interest of both the Assassins and the Templars in the veteran pirate, Edward remained steadfastly focused on his own goals: power, infamy and proof that he was better than he was born to be. Edward was also one to take any advantage afforded him, twisting the meaning of the Assassins' Creed to suit his own ends. Only after losing his friends and compatriots to greed and glory-seeking did he recant his previous behavior, and come to realize what the Creed truly promised: the power to make himself better than he was.

As a father, Edward encouraged his son to think for himself instead of believing everything his home-school teachers said. He also expressed pride toward his son when Haytham said that he would have offered a mugger clemency, instead of acting on the impulse to kill him. Edward could be quite conservative in other respects, such as his decision to marry off his daughter to Birch, as was the tradition of the day.

Equipment and skills

Eagle Vision: Additionally, Edward possessed the rare ability of Eagle Vision, a form of supernatural senses, inherited by beings who are descendants of Isu people. He can see through walls, predict movements and even hear conversations from afar.

Master Assassin: He was both a highly skilled Master Assassin. He learned and developed a vast array of skills, such as picking pockets, blending into crowds, armed and unarmed combat, alternative or multiple weapon attacks, stealth and public assassination techniques, free-running and long-range combat.

  • Peak-Human Condition: Due to extensive training and meditative techniques, he possesses olympic levels of strength, speed, endurance & agility.
    • Superior Strength: He was several times that of even the strongest soldiers of the British Army. His punches could easily kill a person and break metal plating on armor. In terms of brute strength, he seems to be stronger than other Master Assassins as he is an able to lift to full-grown men up.
    • Superior Mobility: His reflexes, agility, and speed are also more potent, being able to easily counter and defeat hordes of opponents. He was able to kill many of them before they could even see him coming to them, as he moves with such great speed and agility.
    • Superior Stamina: He can even fight an entire army without showing any signs of fatigue.
    • Superior Durability: He also has a great deal of durability as he was able to land on his feet, after falling from several stories, without any signs of struggle or lack of comfort. He was even capable of surviving being stabbed deep in the stomach by a deadly poisoned blade. 
    • Superior Metabolism: His metabolism is also superior, as he recovered from being stabbed in the stomach by a sharp blade dipped in deadly poison within several moments. This has also allowed him to retain his inhuman physical prowess in his advanced age as well.
  • Master Martial Artist: He has the skills from being a pirate and later on a Master Assassin. He was skilled enough to defeat several soldiers and fight many people at the same time. 
    • Swordsmanship: Being trained by pirates and later, the Assassins, Edward was skilled in the use of blades. He was expertly able to fight many people at once and wield dual swords in combat. Originally, swords were not his forte, but after long hours of practice and training and straight-up fighting, Edward became one of the best swordsmen in the Brotherhood's history.
    • Expert Acrobat: Like any Master Assassin, he is a remarkable free-runner, parkour master & mountaineering expert. These abilities combined with his seemingly superhuman strength & speed, made his acrobatic prowess far more profound than all the other Assassins, before and after him.
    • Assassinations: His primary objective is to use the Hidden Blade to assassinate his targets.
    • Expert Spy: He is well adept in blending in his surroundings as well as sneaking around heavily guarded places. He would usually blend in with dense crowds and mimic their activities. He is extremely skilled in espionage, stealth, infiltration, disguise, thievery, and eavesdropping, tracking, locksmith.
    • Marksmanship: He has proven to be an expert at using the Pistol able to hit his targets from very far away.
    • Gadgetry: He had access to a vast set of tools, weapons & equipment at his disposal, the main weapons being his Hidden Blades. He usually carried: Hidden Blades, pistols, swords, rope darts, blowpipe,smoke bomb, and throwing knives.
  • Expert Sailor: He was an expert Seaman and was able to captain his boat, the Jackdaw,with incredible skill. This skill was later inherited by his son and his grandson, Haytham and Connor Kenway respectively


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