Edwin de Wyntor also known as Edwin the Eagle is one of the main characters of the 2004-2005 British fantasy drama series Shoebox Zoo.

He was voiced by Rik Mayall (who also played Rick in The Young Ones, Richie in Bottom, Mr. Toad in the 1995 adaptation of The Wind In The Willows and it's 1996 sequel The Willows In Winter and King Arthur in King Arthur's Disasters).

Pre-Shoebox Zoo

In the 1100s, Edwin, along with Wolfgang, Bruno and Ailsa, was a student to Wolfgang's father, a wizard named Michael Scot, who created the Book of Forbidden Knowledge and eleven months later, a shapeshifter named Toledo. After Michael became obsessed with the book, Wolfgang (who grew to hate his father for choosing the book over him), convinced Edwin, Ailsa and Bruno to help him steal the book to prevent Michael from from being corrupted by it's darkness. The group were able to take the book, but Toledo (who wished to use the book for his own evil plans), pursed them, but they cast the book into the ocean.

As punishment for their actions, Michael transformed his students into toy animals, (with Edwin being turned into a metal eagle), before putting them into a deep sleep until a Chosen One would come of age and be able to awaken them. Michael placed his students into a shoebox, thus forming the Shoebox Zoo.

Over the years, the Shoebox Zoo had several owners and ended up in an American junk shop, where they were purchased by an 11-year-old girl named Rosemary Campbell, whoever she was unable to awaken them as she was not the Chosen One. When Rosemary became too obsessed with the Zoo, her mother Dorothy returned the animals to the junk shop. Edwin lost one of his tail feathers in the process and it was put into a necklace of Rosemary's and it could detect dark magic.

Shoebox Zoo

Series 1

Some years later in 2004, Edwin and the rest of the Shoebox Zoo ended up in a junk shop in Edinburgh in Scotland, and were given to Rosemary's 11-year-old daughter Marnie McBride (who had moved to Edinburgh from Denver with her father Ross following Rosemary's death) by Michael as a birthday present. As Marnie was the Chosen One, Edwin and the others came to life.

Throughout the series, Edwin leads the Zoo into trouble and later discovers that Wolfgang was in league with Toledo. He along with Bruno, Ailsa and Marnie later witness a redeemed Wolfgang being killed by Toledo. He and the others later discover that what they thought was the Book of Forbidden Knowledge was in fact a fake, which Marnie uses to destroy Toledo.


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