Taking the stage!
~ One of Edy's quotes upon being selected

Edy Nelson is a supporting protagonist in the video game Valkyria Chronicles, and the main protagonist of its DLC Enter the Edy Detachment. She is a shocktrooper in the Gallian militia and a low-ranking member of Squad 7. When separated from the rest of her squad along with five others, she also becomes the leader of the Edy Detachment.

She is voiced by Yui Kano in the Japanese version and Megan Hollingshead in the English version, the latter of whom also voices Rangiku Matsumoto.


Edy is a fairly short girl in her late teens with light brown hair that she keeps in pigtails and brown eyes. She wears the same Gallian uniform that all of her squadmates wear.


Edy is very much an attention whore; having been highly popular in the rural town she grew up in, she is used to being lavished with praise and adoration, and as a result is unforgiving of anyone who takes the spotlight away from her. This causes her to develop a heated rivalry with Rosie, the squads top shocktrooper, though this is one-sided as Rosie doesn't even seem to be aware that Edy dislikes her. However, Edy is also unable to cope under pressure, and is very prone to panic attacks whenever things start to go wrong or in ways she didn't expect.

Edy can be quite reckless at times, one instance of this being when she ends up chasing after a group of Imperial soldiers while, as Jann puts it, "screaming like a banshee", which results in her and five others, later known as the Edy Detachment, getting separated from the squad. She seems to learn from this, however, as she has the sense to know that the six of them can't take on all the Imperials in the village they come across, and they simply need to get all the civilians out safely. She also orders any one of them who gets wounded to retreat, as they have no medic to help them. During this period, Edy proves herself to be a capable leader, which earns her praise from her squadmates, particularly Homer, who tells her that the whole squad would be finished without her.

While she often comes off as arrogant and abrasive, Edy is deep down a kind-hearted young woman who will go out of her way to help others; this is shown when the Edy Detachment  come across a Gallian village that's under attack from the Empire. Edy tells them that she doesn't care if Welkin ordered them to return to the squad as soon as possible, since she isn't just a soldier following orders, and outright states that she refuses to turn her back on people who need help.

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