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Hero Overview

I will be the first King to unite all of China!
~ Sei to Yo Tan Wa during their debut.
Your majesty, in truth, I...I sincerely respect you from the bottom of my heart. Overcoming the stigma of your birth in Kantan to seize the Qin throne, putting your own life at risk at the battle of Sai to rally the civilians and create a miracle...And now, you hold within you, a burning will to rid this world of warfare by shaping the realm into a single nation...Honestly, I would have liked to serve under a king such as yourself.
~ Ri Boku to Sei during their official meeting.
The very moment we emerge victorious over the battle unfolding at Kanyou right now...There will be No making excuses or trying to slip away. I will see that you are made to answer for all the crimes you have committed and people you have wronged!! I will cast you down from your seat of power, and put an end to battle once and for all!!.
~ To Ryo Fui

Ei Sei is the deuteragonist of the historical seinen anime and manga series, Kingdom. He is the 31st King and Ruler of the State of Qin that seeks to put an end to the 500 year long history of the Warring States Era with his dream of total unification over the entirety of the Middle Kingdom or China itself through martial conquest of the six enemy states that will be ruled with the establishment of lawful ruling.





At the beginning of the story, Ei Sei seemed level headed but somewhat cold. When Shin was going to let the bleeding assassin Jo Kan leave after defeating him, Ei Sei killed the assassin without remorse. However, he does care at least a little bit about those loyal to him. When Shin collapsed from exhaustion, Ei Sei carried him without a single complaint even though he said before that he would treat Shin as a sword and not a person. As they battle to reclaim the Royal Palace, they grow closer and come to depend on each other. In the end, Sei sent Shin to reclaim the Royal Hall and defeat his brother while he fought the guards outside, something many others pointed out required great trust in Shin.


Dynasties and States. Nationality, Culture, Religion. Do you really think that not a single drop of blood was shed in history whenever all these different ideas clashed? Do really think believe that hatred and contempt accumulated through generations and generations of differences would disappear so easily?
~ Sei to Yo Tan Wa during their debut.
For the longest time, I had thought there would be no other existence that I would curse as much as the Xiongnu, for they are a scourge that has ravaged the entirety of the northern reaches. All that changed when I accompanied Ri Boku-sama to Kanyou last year, and met with your King. NOT ONLY THE NORTHERN REACHES, BUT OUR WHOLE STATE! AND HIS AMBITIONS DO NOT END THERE, FOR YOUR KING SHALL RAISE ARMIES TO STAMP OUT ALL OF THE SIX OTHER STATES ENTIRELY!! IT IS HE THAT IS TRULY A BEAST AMONG BEASTS, CLAD IN HUMAN SKIN!! AND YOU WHO WOULD SERVE AS HIS BLADES ARE NO BETTER!!!
~ Ba Nan Ji on Ei Sei to Ou Hon.

Physical Abilities

Fighting Style

  • Master Swordsman:While not as potent as his close friend Ri Shin, Ei Sei (Kingdom) is well trained in the State of Qin's warrior/soldier caste style of swordsmanship…having beheaded the Shukyou assassin Jo Kan with a single stroke of his sword while delivering the finishing blow instantly killed an armored soldier as he signaled the start of the battle for his throne and while confronting his Sei Kyou during the climax of the fight showed off his draw speed as he wounded his little brother's forearm and sliced off the dominant arm of a Zhao captain with a single strike of his blade during the Battle of Sai.
  • Leadership:

Miscellaneous Abilities



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