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Eight is the main protagonist of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.



Original Trodain kingdom Guards. Man. His red bandana is a trade-mark. His parents aren't woven into this world, since he wandered into Trodain Castle days of 8-year-old to lose the memory in childhood.

Originally, it was Booth Tsukai of live-and is adopted in the near-guard by the demand of the princess Medea. Store some reason it has a strong resistance to curse from when you lose, and regardless of the absolute enemy of curse attack, equipment possible without take the cursed armor to curse (though effect to have the armor it applies).

Also from the same reason, it was decided that Trodain also just escaped the one flame when he perished by the thorns of the curse, and go on a journey with the king Trode in order to save the country.

Trust also from Trode us and for the princess Medea is also a childhood friend. The birth of the secret is revealed in the event of a hidden dungeon after clearing.


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