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Eileen Roberts is a shy, intelligent mole who is a waitress at the same Coffee Shop, formerly College student and Space Tree ranger and the recurring and now main character from the Cartoon Network series, Regular Show. She has a secret crush on Rigby.

She is voiced by Minty Lewis who is also the series' storyboarder, created FOX's The Great North.



Eileen is a 3'6" mole girl with tan fur from Serbia. However, her appearance is very humanoid, excluding her toes and tail.

She wears red glasses and has two eyelashes on each of her eyes. Without her glasses, her eyes are just two black dots with eyelashes. She has a small, oval shaped light brown tail, and brown hair with some of it tied into a side ponytail. During her debut in "Brain Eraser", her ponytail was on the right side, and in "Do Me a Solid", her ponytail was moved to the left side. She has noticeable front teeth, and they occasionally stick out of her mouth like buck teeth. She has an unhealed scar on her lower middle elbow due to a snow tubing accident when she was a child. In "Brain Eraser", her glasses did not have white in them, and they were narrowed down, showing her pupils. She has two toes on each foot, and is usually barefoot, although around Season 5 she began to wear shoes more often, which most often are red flats.

She wears the same uniform as Margaret at her job at the Coffee Shop; a short sleeved tan top with a light blue collar and cuffs and a tan skirt.

Her most common outfit outside of work, especially in Season 8, is a pink t-shirt and blue jeans with the cuffs rolled up.

Alternate Outfits

  • In "Do Me a Solid", her attire outside of work was a pink shirt with ruffles around the neck and a blue skirt. This outfit is seen again in "Cruisin' " and "One Pull Up".
  • In later episodes, in Seasons 3 and 4, she started to wear sweatshirts, one of which is a light burgundy color, which was worn with green shorts, as seen in "Camping Can Be Cool". Another sweatshirt she wore was light purple, and she usually wore blue jeans or a blue denim skirt with it, first seen in "TGI Tuesday". In Tants, she wore a pink sweatshirt with a light blue skirt.
  • Another outfit she is seen wearing is either a pink or light blue shirt with a white collar and a blue skirt.
  • In "Tants", she wore...
  • In "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys", she wore...
  • In "Video 101", she wore...
  • In "Play Date", she wore...
  • In "Tent Trouble", she wore...
  • In "Lift With Your Back", she wore...
  • In "Eileen Flat Screen", she wore...
  • In "Merry Christmas Mordecai", she wore...
  • In "Dumped at the Altar", she wore a pink dress, with a light pink top and a darker pink skirt with light pink flowers on it, to Muscle Man and Starla's wedding. Her hair was up in a bun and had small curls of hair over her ears.
  • In "I See Turtles", she wore...
  • In "Dumped at the Altar", she wore...
  • In "Terror Tales of the Park V", she wore...
  • In "Just Friends", she wore a "Team Don" t-shirt with her work skirt.
  • In "Crazy Fake Plan", she wore a grey jacket and blue jeans with her work shirt.
  • In "Snow Tubing", she wore
  • In "Rigby Goes to Prom", she wore a sea foam green dress, with a teal bow around the waist, a poofy skirt with a frilly white layer underneath, teal shoes, and white gloves to Rigby's prom. Her hair was in an updo with a bun on top.
  • In "Rigby's Graduation Day Special", she wore...
  • In "Ugly Moons", she wore...
  • In "The Dream Warrior", she wore...
  • In "The Space Race", she wore...
  • In "Terror Tales of the Park VI", she wore....
  • In "Space Espace", she wore...
  • In "The Ice Tape", she wore...
  • In "Christmas in Space", she wore...
  • In "A Regular Epic Final Battle", she wore...
  • At the 25 year park reunion, an older Eileen has her hair down under a dark red beret, and she is wearing a pink sweater with a mauve skirt. She also has bags under her eyes. During the time montage, she wears a short pink dress with a purple belt, her ponytail is on top of her head and her bangs are in a messier fashion, and she still has bags under her eyes.


She is a shy, intelligent, and timid mole girl. Minty Lewis describes her first appearances as coming off "as a pretty big weirdo nerd with major hots for Rigby".


The character of Eileen was pitched and created by the new storyboard artist Minty Lewis. While Lewis was pitching jokes and lines for the character, Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel thought her natural voice was perfect for the character. "Minty’s voice, just her natural voice, was so perfect for that character!" he said. "She [wrote] one of the very early episodes with Eileen in it, and she had some really funny jokes in the way she pitched it. [It was] just the way her voice sounded – she [had] to be that character! We even tried an actor, but it just wasn’t playing funny. [So] we were like, "OK, let’s see if Minty wants to do it." She said yes and it really worked out. It’s a great character and [Minty’s voice] totally fits that character’s personality."  In another interview, Quintel further elaborates: "Oh, [Lewis's voice] is so awkward. But that was just her voice, that's just how she did it. We were like, 'You wanna be Eileen? You gotta be Eileen.' "

Lewis describes getting to be able to voice the character as "pretty crazy".


Season 2

In "Brain Eraser",...

In "Do Me a Solid",...

In "A Bunch of Baby Ducks",...

In "Skunked",...

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

In "Daddy Issues",...

In "Terror Tales of the Park IV",...

In "Lift With Your Back",...

In "Eileen Flat Screen",...

In "Merry Christmas Mordecai",...

In "Sad Sax",...

In "Married and Broke",...

In "I See Turtles",...

In "Happy Birthday Song Contest",...

In "1000th Chopper Flight Party",...

In "Not Great Double Date",...

In "Dumped at the Altar",...

Season 7

In "Dumptown USA",...

In "Local News Legend",...

In "Birthday Gift",...

In "Terror Tales of the Park V",...

In "The Return of Party Horse",...

In "Just Friends",...

In "The Eileen Plan",...

In "Crazy Fake Plan",...

In "Snow Tubing",...

In "Donut Factory Holiday",...

In "California King",...

In "Rigby Goes to the Prom",...

In "VIP Members Only",...

In "Rigby's Graduation Day Special",...

Season 8 - In Space

In "One Space Day at a Time",...

In "Cool Bro Bots",...

In "Welcome to Space",...

In "Space Creds",...

In "Ugly Moons",...

In "The Dream Warrior",...

In "Can You Ear Me Now?",...

In "Stuck in an Elevator",...

In "The Space Race",...

In "Operation: Hear No Evil",...

In "Space Escape",...

In "New Beds",...

In "Mordeby and Rigbecai",...

In "Alpha Dome",...

In "Terror Tales of the Park VI",...

In "The Ice Tape",...

In "The Key to the Universe",...

In "No Train No Gain",...

In "Christmas in Space",...

In "Kill 'Em with Kindness",...

In "Meet the Seer",...

In "Cheer Up Pops",...

In "A Regular Epic Final Battle",...


Promotional Material



Season 2

"Brain Eraser"

"Do Me a Solid"

"A Bunch of Baby Ducks"


Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

"Daddy Issues"

"Terror Tales of the Park IV"

"Lift With Your Back"

"Eileen Flat Screen"

"Merry Christmas Mordecai"
"Sad Sax"

"Married and Broke"

"I See Turtles"

"Happy Birthday Song Contest"

"1000th Chopper Flight Party"

"Not Great Double Date"

"Dumped at the Altar"

Season 7

"Dumptown USA"

"Local News Legend"

"Birthday Gift"

"Terror Tales of the Park V"

"The Return of Party Horse"

"Just Friends"
"The Eileen Plan"

"Crazy Fake Plan"

"'Snow Tubing"
"Donut Factory Holiday"

"California King"

"Rigby Goes to the Prom"

"VIP Members Only"

"Rigby's Graduation Day Special"

Season 8 - In Space

"One Space Day at a Time"

"Cool Bro Bots"

"Welcome to Space"

"Space Creds"

"Lost and Found"

"Ugly Moons"

"The Dream Warrior"

"Can You Ear Me Now?"

"Stuck in an Elevator"

"The Space Race"

"Operation: Hear No Evil"

"Terror Tales of the Park VI"

"Space Escape"
"New Beds"

"Mordeby and Rigbecai"

"Alpha Dome"

"The Ice Tape"

"The Key to the Universe"

"No Train No Gain"

"Christmas in Space"

"Kill 'Em with Kindness"

"Meet the Seer"

"Cheer Up Pops"

"A Regular Epic Final Battle"


Regular Show: The Movie




  • The name Eileen means "bright, shining one" in Gaelic and Scottish (Scotch-Irish). It can also mean "light, brightness" from the Proto Indo-European.
  • Even though she is supposed to be a mole, she appears more like a human girl.
    • However, she may be a mole/human hybrid.
  • Her Dub facts
    • Her Polish name is Ilena.
    • Her French name is Aline.
  • In "Camping Can Be Cool", it is revealed that she is developed good camping skills because she got lost in the woods a lot.
  • In "A Bunch of Baby Ducks", it is revealed that she is allergic to duck dander.
  • In "Brain Eraser", her glasses were clear inside and she had black frames. Afterwards, the insides were changed to white and the black frames were replaced with red ones. Look above for an image of Eileen in her debut.
  • In "TGI Tuesday", it is revealed that she likes to dance as she is seen dancing in both "free style" and ballet.
    • Also, in "Video 101", she takes it a step farther and choreographs her own music video.
  • In "Tants", it is shown that she can sew pretty well, as she helps make Mordecai and Rigby replacement pairs of tants.
    • It is also mentioned in "New Year's Kiss", when Rigby asks her what her New Year's Resolution is.
  • In "Video 101", there are several things about Eileen that are revealed:
    • She attends college.
      • She also never failed a class before.
    • Her last name is revealed to be Roberts.
    • She owns her own house.
    • She owns her car, and knows how to drive, despite her short size.
  • She didn't own a television in her house, as mentioned in the episode "Play Date", until she won one in "Eileen Flat Screen".
  • In "Take the Cake", it is shown that Eileen has exceptional baking skills.
  • In "Skips in the Saddle", it is revealed that Eileen has a rock polisher.
  • She used to have a roommate named Joanne that lived in her house, until she was forced to leave (courtesy of Mordecai, Rigby, the ghost of her family Lawyer, and C.J) and Margaret took her place.
  • She hides her house keys under a clay turtle on her front lawn.
  • She used to have a fear of snow tubing because of an accident she had as a child.
  • She didn't go to prom in high school because no one asked her to go with them.
  • In "Crazy Fake Plan", she said that her mind is also a curse because she always figure out surprises quickly.
  • Her car is a white Suzuki Swift GLS 1.1.
  • According to show creator J.G Quintel's side of the story of how [https://www.imdb.com/name/nm4471003/ Minty Lewis] came to voice Eileen, Lewis uses her natural speaking voice to voice Eileen, much like Quintel does with Mordecai.

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