Eileen Roberts is a recurring and now main character from the Cartoon Network series, Regular Show. She is a shy, intelligent mole. She works at the same Coffee Shop as Margaret does. Margaret is better known as her co-worker and one of her really good friends, likely her best friend. She has a secret crush on Rigby, but Rigby does not seem to care about her. She even tried to get Rigby jealous. She first debuted in Brain Eraser. Minty Lewis provides her voice, who is also the series' storyboarder. Her and rigby do eventually become a couple and they get married and have children during the epilogue of the series finale.


As said above, Eileen is a short mole with tan fur. She has red glasses and wears the same uniform as Margaret, although in "Do Me a Solid", she wears a pink shirt with ruffles around the neck and shoulders and a blue skirt. She has a small light brown tail and brown hair tied into a side ponytail. In Brain Eraser, her ponytail was on the right side, in Do Me a Solid, her ponytail was moved to the left side. In Brain Eraser, she didn't have white in her glasses, as seen down below, but in Do Me a Solid, she did. In "First Day," Eileen appears very different than usual. She only had pupils for eyes like she did in "Brain Eraser" except her glasses were pointed down like reading glasses and she wore a purple shirt with a green oval in the middle with a small green skirt. Also, in "Camping Can Be Cool," she was wearing a light burgundy hoody and light army green shorts. Eileen never wears shoes in any episode just like Mordecai, Rigby, and Margaret. She and Margaret wear clothes, unlike Mordecai and Rigby. Eileen looks surprisingly human. Her eyes are small and squinted.


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