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Eilin is a dwarf hailing from Gemstone Mountain, the most prominent place in the Continent that produces gems. The dwarven race extracts gems from there, making fortunes. Eilin is the daughter of the King of the Gemstone Mountain.

Increasing their wealth is the pride of Eilin’s clan and she’s famous for her outstanding business acumen and negotiation skills. She’s the cousin of Ymir from the Iron Mountain. Now, seeking profit in the Continent shaken by the fight between the Rebel Army and the Queen’s Army, she has joined Ymir in the fight


Eilin wears an white detailed dwarven dress, and on the bottom part she has two belts, crossing each other to form an X. Her arm-guards end at her wrists, with cloth covering up the rest of her arms. She has black thigh-highs underneath her dwarven boots.


As the princess of Gemstone Mountain, Eilin usually has refined and elegant behavior, but deep down she loves fighting. She's often seen to be very sassy with Ymir, but she actually has deep esteem for her ever since she was defeated by her in a fight during childhood.


Like Ymir, Eilin's specially is using a gigantic hammer that mismatches with her body build. It is still unknown as to how she is able to wield the weapon.


  • She's voiced by Suzuko Mimori.
  • Eilin is the only character - outside of "paired characters" such as Sainyang & Tarnyang and Yuit & Vante - who does not have a game book dedicated solely to her, sharing her game book with Rebellion-era Ymir.
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