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El Camionero Fantasma is a urban legend from the Mexican folklore also is a benevolent spirit.


A man stops his car to help a stranger who hands him an envelope with money and an address. It is vitally important that you bring the money to your wife who is about to give birth. However there is something strange ...

Legend has it that a truck driver named Ignacio Velázquez was moving at high speed with his trailer through a mountainous area. Although he was usually very cautious and a great driver, the news that his wife was about to give birth had forced him to skip the precautions he normally took while driving. He knew that he had to arrive as quickly as possible to deliver the money that was necessary for his wife's delivery, so he did not hesitate for a moment to risk his life between abysses and rocky areas to arrive as soon as possible. It was a very large amount of money because it added up to the total of two months of work and the sale of a farm that he had recently inherited.

When there were a few kilometers to go to the detour that would take him to his wife and the first child that she would give birth to, his truck lost control and went off the road. The impact against the rocks was brutal, but Ignacio managed to get out of the vehicle without a single scratch. Stunned by the situation and not quite sure what to do, he tried to get a car to take him to his wife, but it was a road with little traffic and after several minutes no other vehicle passed. Determined to reach those he wanted in one way or another, he began to walk in the direction of his destination; He walked that road for several kilometers, but for some strange reason he seemed not to move forward, and the further he got from the crash site, the darker everything became. Desperate for the situation, he decided to sit on a rock, although he did not feel tired, but he was so confused that he needed to pause, and what was his surprise that, looking back looking for a car to hitchhike, he found his truck crashed into the rocks. It was as if he hadn't walked ten meters despite all his effort, as if he were tied to that place and it was impossible for him to escape. He had become a banshee tied to this world

However, Ignacio's desire to help his family was so strong that not even death could prevent him from fulfilling the promise he had made to his wife that he would come with the money. For him, time did not pass at the same speed as for us and each day it was as if it began again and he could not understand that life followed its normal course, each day began with the same anguish for not being able to help those he loved nor say goodbye to them.

Over time and almost without realizing it, his spirit became stronger and stronger, even corporeal, until a moment came when he could appear to the drivers who were traveling on that road at the same time that he died in the accident. with his truck. Most of the drivers, scared, sped up or ignored him. Until one day…

One night a young man named Daniel was driving down the road in the wee hours of the morning when he spotted a man on the side of the road who seemed to have come out of nowhere. Thinking he was hitchhiking he stopped his car and rolled down his window.

-Good, sir, where are you going?

-My friend, I need help, my name is Ignacio Velázquez and my wife is about to give birth. My truck has left the road, I cannot leave it here with all the load (the ghost lied so as not to reveal that it was linked to that place), but it is vitally important that my wife receives this envelope with money to attend her delivery and the child's needs. This is the address where we live, a matron is with them- he told her as he offered her a paper with an address written down and a rather bulky envelope full of money.

Daniel did not see the truck that the man seemed to point to, but he felt as he looked into his eyes that he was a kind and desperate man who really needed his help. There was something strange about him, as if for some reason his eyes could not focus on him and he saw him blurred, but he did not give it more importance and attributed it to his fatigue since he had been staring at the road for more than an hour and concentrating on avoid leaving the road in any of the dangerous abysses.

He reached out his hand to pick up the envelope and the address and casually brushed Ignacio's hand. A chill ran up his arm to his back, a cold so intense it made him shiver. He was paralyzed, and before Ignacio's watchful eye, he lowered his eyes to read the note and saw that he was a few kilometers away and did not deviate much from his path, raised his head again to confirm the man that he would fulfill his mission. But it seemed to have disappeared, he looked from side to side but there was no sign of him or his truck. It had vanished as quickly as it had appeared.





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