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Hold on, Mr. Dayton! You're my husband -- not my keeper! I never promised you I'd give up the Doom Patrol!
~ Rita Farr to Steve Dayton.
I remember the explosion on the island. And then nothing but darkness. Am I supposed to be dead?
~ Rita in Teen Titans #32.

Elasti-Girl (real name Rita Farr), also known as Elasti-Woman, is a fictional character, a superheroine of the DC Comics universe and a member of the Doom Patrol. The character was ranked 88th in Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list.


Early Life

Rita Farr was born to Frank Farr and Rachel Drake, and later won an Olympic medal in swimming. Rita eventually became an actress in Hollywood, and while shooting a film in Africa, she was exposed to volcanic gases. After recovering, Rita discovered that she could expand or shrink her body at will, and later learned who to control her powers.

Joining Doom Patrol

Rita was considered a freak, and her Hollywood career ended when people learned of her new powers. Despite losing her career, she was approached by Dr. Niles Caulder, and was offered a place among a group of "freaks" called the Doom Patrol, who wanted to use their powers for good. Rita joined the team with Robot Man, Negative Man and Steve Dayton (Mento), and went by the codename "Elasti-Girl". After getting to know the team, Rita fell in love with Dayton, and they later married with many heroes being invited.

Later on, Rita and Dayton adopted Garfield Logan, who had the power to shapeshift into multiple animals. When Martin Manhunter told Rita that he was a fan of her films and was disappointed that she didn't continue making any, she was flattered and kissed him on the cheek. In addition, Rita told him that she met Sigourney Weaver, the acclaimed actress who stared in the Alien franchise.


When the Brotherhood of Evil threatened a small New England village, the Doom Patrol sacrificed themselves to save the townspeople. Though it was later revealed that some members cheated death, Rita was the sole member of the original group to remain dead. The situation was explained as an after effect of Superboy-Prime pounding on the barrier to reality, which caused ripples to change reality for some characters. The ret-conned Doom Patrol members retained no memories of their previous lives, but this was changed when Superboy-Prime broke the Phantom Zone barrier. Rita regained her memories, and remembered her previous life before her death.


The Chief managed to savage a piece of Rita's skull, and used his technology to regrow her entire body, and was able to do so due to it's malleable form. Afterward, Rita depended on the Chief due to feeling docile, and her malleable form hampered her thinking abilities. While watching Rita speaking with the Chief, Robin suspected that he brainwashed Rita and the other Doom Patrol members.

After fighting the Brotherhood of Evil, the Doom Patrol and the Titans witnessed the Chief trying to convince Kid Devil that he was freak, and that the Titans disliked him. The team confronted the Chief, and Mento removed his helmet, and told Caulders that he was no longer the leader of the team. Rita stood behind Dayon, breaking free of the Chief's control as he was removed from leading the Doom Patrol.





  • In the Amalgam universe, Rita was combined with Marvel's The Wasp and Domino to be Elasti-Girl.
  • On CW's The Flash, she is referenced in episode "Things You Can't Outrun".
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