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Eld Jinn is a supporting protagonist in the anime/manga series Attack on Titan. He is a member of the Survey Corps and a member of the now destroyed Special Operations Squad, led by Levi Ackerman. A man of few words, Eld was second-in-command to the squad and had great faith in his superiors, such as Levi and Erwin Smith. He is killed during the Female Titan arc by Annie Leonhart, along with the rest of his squad. 

He is voiced by Susumu Chiba in the Japanese version of the anime and Vic Mignogna in the English version, the former of whom also voices Welkin Gunther


Eld was a tall man with long blond hair which had a middle parting and a bun folded at the back to keep his hair tied. He also had a small beard. Like most other Survey Corps members, he wore a green cloak with The Wings of Freedom emblem on the back. He wore the same uniform as the other scouts.


Eld was a responsible and firm leader with a strong sense of duty. He did not talk much, but when he did, he spoke bluntly and in a straightforward manner. He also seemed to have been a veteran of sorts as he teased Petra Ral and Oluo Bozado about having wet their pants on their first expedition, and sarcastically referred to them as "fine fearless soldiers". He also seemed to hold some sort of belief of what makes a true soldier, as he lectured Oluo that a kill record alone does not make a great soldier.

When Eren accidentally transformed, he seemed to have been more concerned about the reasoning as to why and demanded an answer from Eren. His reaction was interesting in comparison to his comrades; Oluo threatened to kill Eren, Petra feared for Levi's life, and Gunther demanded evidence from Eren about his transformation and intentions. This shows that, among all members of the squad other than Levi himself, Eld had the most logic and common sense. Along with the other members of the Special Operations Squad, he had some remorse over his reaction to Eren's transformation as he bit his hand just like Eren, which symbolized a bond between them.



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