Cpt. Eleanor Varrot is a supporting protagonist in the video game Valkyria Chronicles. She is the 3rd Regiment Captain during the Second Europan War, the Captain of the Gallian militia and the direct superior to Welkin Gunther and Squad 7. She is also a veteran of the First Europan War, alongside Largo Potter.

She is voiced by Atsuko Tanaka in the Japanese version and Julia Fletcher in the English version.


Eleanor is a tall woman in her mid-thirties, with black hair tied up in a bun and green eyes, which she wears a pair of glasses over. She wears the same Gallian militia uniform as her subordinates, with a short red cape at the back.


Smart, wise and dedicated, Eleanor has a strong concern for her troops and will go to extra lengths to ensure their morale. She is especially fond of Squad 7 for their bravery and service, and never gives them a mission that she doesn't believe they can handle, though she generally has faith that they will always succeed. She also tends to turn a blind eye to some of Welkin's most outrageous strategies, for the simple fact that they get the job done.

Eleanor is a very strict and professional commanding officer who expects people to operate within the rules of war. She considers the attacking of one's own comrades to be deplorable, regardless of reason; after Welkin punches Faldio after the latter reveals it was he who shot Alicia, which he did so to awaken her Valkyria powers, Eleanor is disgusted by both of them and confines Faldio to the stockade and sentences Welkin to 24 hours in isolation.

Although she seems cold on the surface, Eleanor is far from it and is in fact a very kind and caring woman when off-duty. She considers her subordinates to be her friends, particularly Largo, whom she's known since their first years as soldiers and affectionately calls her "Elle". However, their relationship can be somewhat distant at times, mostly due to Eleanor's inability to get over the death of her lover Frederick, whom she dislikes Largo bringing up. She also enjoys reading, and owns a huge number of books in her private quarters.

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