The Electroids love to tinker and experiment, and live high up in the mountains in order to be closer to the lightning storms. They are yellow in color.


  • Teslo - The intellegent, mature, and lone wolf leader with a fear of heights and an electrically-charged tail.
  • Volectro - The crazy jokester who likes to shock things with his hands.
  • Zaptor - The adrenaline junkie with a lightning-generating head and a craving for Hamlogna sandwiches.

Mixopolis Middle School students

  • Wott: A background Electroid.
  • Hurtz: A bully Electroid.


  • Their leader is Teslo.
  • They will usually shock themselves when they are saying a word with an "s" or "z" sound.
    • However, they didn't shock the whole time in Changing a Lightbulb, Wrong Colors, Bar B Cubes, and Elevator.
  • They are based upon the element of electricity.
  • Their tribe name is based off of the word "electric".
  • Their Cycloptic Member is Teslo.
  • They host an annual dance party, as seen in Electrorock.
  • This tribe is so far the only tribe that has not invented their own special sport (the Infernites created Mixelball alongside the Cragsters, the Cragsters created Rockball and also created Mixelball alongside the Infernites, the Frosticons invented Snowboarding, the Fang Gang invented Log Toss and Mixel Toss, and the Flexers invented Slingshot).
  • Their Max looks like a lion-like creature.
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