Element Woman (Real Name:Emily Sung) is a superheroine from the DC Comics Universe, Introduced in the Flashpoint event, Emily Sung was among the heroes summoned by Cyborg to confront Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Element Woman is eager to help heroes however she can, though according to Shade, she's a bit mad. In the New 52, she is recruited into the Justice League.



Emily Sung, also known as Element Woman, is among the heroes summoned by Cyborg to address the growing threat of the conflict in Europe. She possesses the same abilities as a Metamorpho, able to change into various elements. She is eager to join Cyborg's fight against Aquaman and Wonder Woman, who are ravaging Europe. Some of the other assembled heroes are not as eager to join the fight, among them the Enchantress who criticizes her eagerness, although Shade tells Enchantress to let her be. According to him, his meta-vest can tell she's "a bit mad." When Thomas Wayne declines to join the cause, the group is disbanded before their mission can begin.

She is later seen spying on Cyborg. However, rather than leaking information, she does this because she is somewhat infatuated with Cyborg, who asked her to be on a team- something no one else had ever done. When Cyborg, Batman and the Flash launch an attack on the Project Superman building to liberate the captive Superman, Emily saves the group after Superman runs away, unable to cope with battle. She successfully knocks out the guards at the Project by turning into a knockout gas.

Emily continues to accompany the new gathering of heroes as they travel to visit the members of S.H.A.Z.A.M. Despite her social awkwardness, she offers to help the group and joins the mission to the elevated coast of New Themyscira. After the death of Billy Batson, Emily uses her powers to protect the remaining children alongside Cyborg.

New 52

Element Woman is called into help by Cyborg after Ocean Master has captured Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Cyborg calls in Black Lighting, Vixen, Shazam, Green Arrow, Zatanna, Hawkman, Black Canary, Firestorm and rookie Goldrush. She is invited by the Justice League to become a member. She makes reference to knowing Rex, known as Metamorpho. After the Forever Evil story line she has been seen as a member of the Doom Patrol.

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