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Friend's don't lie.
~ Eleven to Jim Hopper.
I'm going to my friends. I'm going home.
~ Eleven in season two.

Jane "Eleven" Hopper (birth name Jane Ives), also known as El, is one of the main protagonists of the Netflix series Stranger Things. A young girl with many psychokinetic gifts, Eleven has a mysterious past and is believed by Mike Wheeler to be their best clue for finding Will Byers.

She is portrayed by Millie Bobby Brown, who also portrayed Madison Russell in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Godzilla vs. Kong. Charlotte and Clara Ward played the character younger.


Being raised in Hawkins National Laboratory, completely deprived of socialization, Eleven was timid, socially withdrawn and very cautious of other people. However, she became fiercely protective and showed unyielding loyalty towards those who cared for her, to the point that she sacrificed herself to get rid of the monster threatening to harm her friends.


Eleven is the daughter of Teresa "Terry" Ives, a participant in the Project MKUltra experiments conducted by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Eleven was raised in the Hawkins National Laboratory in Hawkins, Indiana by Dr. Martin Brenner, who used her as a test subject in trying to develop her psychokinetic skills. When placed in a sensory deprivation tank, she can engage in astral projection and access other dimensions, primarily for international espionage. She eventually escapes the laboratory and meets Mike Wheeler, Lucas Sinclair, and Dustin Henderson, who were looking for their missing friend, Will Byers.

Eleven helps to locate Will using her supernatural abilities and determines that he is trapped in a dimension known as the Upside Down. The group sets out to find Will using their compasses, but Eleven interferes with their search when she realizes that they are being led towards the laboratory. Lucas becomes angry at her, having distrusted her from the beginning, and she uses her abilities to violently throw him. She flees, steals boxes of frozen waffles from a store, and consumes them in a forest. When Mike and Dustin are threatened by bullies, Eleven returns and saves them.

Mike, Dustin, and Eleven reunite with Lucas and make amends, and they travel to their middle school with Dr. Brenner and his associates in close pursuit. During a chase, Eleven uses her powers to cause a laboratory van to flip through the air. The group, aided by Joyce Byers, Chief Jim Hopper, Nancy Wheeler, and Jonathan Byers, produce a makeshift isolation tank with a pool and bags of salt. Eleven accesses the Upside Down and confirms that Will is alive. As laboratory personnel close in on the school, Eleven and Mike share a kiss. Eleven helps them escape by using her powers to kill most of the agents. The monster from the Upside Down makes its way into their dimension, and Eleven seemingly sacrifices herself to destroy the creature and save her friends.

One month later, after a Christmas party, Chief Hopper leaves the police station and drives to the woods. There, he leaves waffles in a concealed box. It is then revealed that Eleven did survive and immediately emerged out of the Upside Down. She is taken in by Hopper. However, after many disagreements over her having to inside to avoid the scientists, Eleven eventually runs way into the city. There she meets another former participant in the project named Kali and her gang. For a while, she stays them until she becomes disillusioned with their brutal ways. She then leaves them and returns to the neighbourhood.

Powers, Skills & Abilities

Eleven's powers would occasionally affect the nearby electricity; when attempting psychic communication, nearby lights would sometimes flicker or even go out entirely. The Demogorgon, while travelling between dimensions, had remarkably similar effects on nearby electricity, suggesting her abilities may also distort the electromagnetic field.

  • Telekinesis: Her most recurrent power, she can manipulate objects, people and creatures with her mind. When amplified by her emotions, her telekinesis is strong enough to lift large and heavy objects; she flipped a Hawkins Power and Light van in the air in "The Bathtub", and in "The Lost Sister", she was able to channel her anger to pull a train car towards her. Moreover, in "The Mind Flayer", she was able to throw and kill a Demodog with her mind. Eleven could also use this ability to attack and cause physical damage to people (primarily in self-defense), even being able to affect internal organs to some extent; she was able to squeeze Troy's bladder to make him urinate himself and later broke his arm. Additionally, she has thrown people against walls on several instances, broken the neck of an orderly at Hawkins Lab, and was even able to crush the brains of several agents at once.
  • Levitation: Via telekinesis, Eleven could suspend objects in the air, making them levitate. This was first displayed in "Holly, Jolly" where she made Mike’s model of the Millennium Falcon float. This ability is not restricted to objects, as shown in "The Monster" when she saved Mike by levitating him to safety after he had jumped off a cliff. In "The Gate", Eleven herself levitated as she was closing the Gate, possibly as a side effect of her using so much power.
  • Extrasensory Perception (ESP): Eleven can gain information through the mind rather than the physical senses. She could recognize people taken into the Upside Down from photos, though she had presumably never met them before, and could sense Will's corresponding location in the other dimension.
  • Remote viewing: Via ESP, she can seek out and find targets in different locations than her own. When amplified by sensory deprivation, this ability is powerful enough to find targets over vast distances, even as far as other dimensions.
  • Telepathy: Often used in tandem with her RV abilities. When she has located her target, she can choose to communicate with them mentally.
  • Psychometry: Or "token-object reading", Eleven can gain information about a person by touching objects associated with them. In "The Weirdo on Maple Street", she was able to correctly identify which game piece was Will's when demonstrating with the D&D board.
  • Technopathy: To some extent and with varying results, she can transmit the voices of people and other sounds in other locations over electronic speakers.
  • Portal Manipulation: Eleven can open and manipulate portals to the Upside Down. She was first revealed to have this power in "The Monster", where it was shown that she had accidentally opened the Gate upon making contact with the Demogorgon. Eleven later manages to close the Gate in "The Gate". In "Trick or Treat, Freak", she manipulated a portal that the Demogorgon had opened to make it large enough for her to pass through. This ability may be rooted in the primary telekinetic power.
  • Dimensional Travel: After the Gate was opened, it allowed Hawkins Lab scientists to go into the Upside Down. She entered the dimension after defeating the Demogorgon in "The Upside Down."
  • Biokinesis: Eleven could manipulate the bodies of living creatures to a certain extent, as shown when she disintegrated the Demogorgon.
  • Teleportation: Tentative. She appears to possess this ability as shown when she was somehow transported to the Upside Down upon defeating the Demogorgon, though the exact specifics of how this happened are unclear. It's highly possible the Demogorgon could have played a part, considering it appeared to have abilities similar to Eleven's. Another possibility is that the teleportation was an unintended side effect from Eleven exerting so much power. In any case, if she does possess this ability, she most likely does not know of it.

Regular Abilities

  • Survival skills: While living in the woods for a month, Eleven learned crucial survival skills, such as hunting (by using her powers) and how to make a fire.
  • Morse code: She was taught how to read and signal Morse code by Hopper as a means for them to safely communicate.



  • She loves Eggo-Waffles.
  • She and her mother Terry has a lot in common with Vicky Tomlinson and her daughter Charlie McGee, the main protagonist of Stephen King's novel Firestarter. Their mothers have participated in government studies involving the intake of hallucinogenic drugs while in college, and as a result, both gave birth to daughters with preternatural abilities.
  • Like her mother, the use of her powers causes her nose to bleed.


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