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Eliot (エリオット, Eriotto) is the apprentice of Gen Fu from the Dead or Alive series who first debuted in Dead or Alive 4. He is a student of Xing Yi Quan, studying and training his skill under his master's teachings.

He is voiced by Junko Minagawa in the Japanese version of Dead or Alive franchise and by Rolland Lopez in the English dub for Dead or Alive Dimensions and David Vincent for the rest of the Dead or Alive series (since DOA5).


Eliot is a high school student and the apprentice of Gen Fu. He is a student of Xing Yi Quan, studying and training under his master's teachings. Eliot is the youngest male character in the series so far, he was 16 years old in his debut for DOA4, but in DOA5 he's 18 years old.


In DOA4, Eliot seemed like a fairly confident fighter, from his quotes no other combatant inspired doubt or fear on him, he could even be quite flirty with Christie. Privately, however, he has concerns if he's worthy of his apprenticeship with Gen Fu. In Dimensions Eliot is seen before the events of DOA4, where he is depicted as very polite, but very unsure of his abilities. Ayane's talk with him seems to snap him out of it. By the end of DOA5 story mode, he becomes more confident in his fighting skills, and Gen Fu proclaims he'll be taking Eliot's training to the next level.

In DOA5, Eliot is notably more nervous and awkward around Christie and Hitomi than he was shown to be before; indeed, in DOA4, his only reaction to any woman was to tell Christie, in a blatantly flirtatious manner, he'd have a hard time trying to defeat someone so pretty.


  • Eliot is the youngest male and the second youngest character in the series, as he is only 18 years old.



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