Elissabat (aka Veronica Von Vamp) is a childhood friend of Draculaura and one of the new characters of Monster High.


In the English version of the cartoon, Elissabat's voice is provided by Karen Strassman.



Elissabat was born in Transilvania, daughter of an influent vampire, who mysteriously dissapeared after going on an expedition which he never returned from, and put under his brother Lord Stoker's authority. Dreaming of a life as an actress, Elissabat's dreams were crushed when her uncle forbid her from doing so, claiming she had to remain at the court as the next Vampire Queen. Discontent, Elissabat flew from the court on the eve of her coronation, 400 years ago, for she knew Stoker would plotting to rule the kingdom through her, and through her assure vampire supremecy over other monsters, and considering she wasn't strong enough to stand up to him, she thought it was best to leave her life behind, leaving with the Vampire Heart, a jewel with the power to indicate the identity of the next vampire royalty. She escaped to Londoom, to the Boo World in Boo Gorleanes, where aided by Hexiciah Steam, she handed him the jewel, and began a new life as Veronica Von Vamp, her world-famous actress alter ego, moving to Hauntlywood.

Performing various movies, especificaly of the Vampire Majesty series, her secret life kept her safe from her uncles's scheemes until she was found by her childhood friend, Draculaura, and decided to stand up to her uncle and take her responsibilities as the next Vampire Queen, while sharing the time with her acting career.


Elissabat is an actress who takes her craft very seriously. Since she suffers from severe stage fright, she makes a lot of effort to study and prepare for her roles and give the best performance possible. Most monsters call her aloof and unapproachable, but it's only because she is focused on her craft, and on hiding her true self from others.


Elissabat has pale skin with a slight pink shade, dark purple hair that reaches her hips, and dresses in a Gothic outfit, which consists of a black and purple top with billowy sleeves at the end, a black sparkly ruffle skirt, and laced-up boots. Her eyes are pink with purple eyeshadow and makeup.



Her father went mysteriously missing right before she found out she was the next Vampire Queen. Lord Stoker is her father's older brother. She did not trust him or agree with his belief that vampires should rule over all other monsters.


Elissabat and Draculaura are childhood friends from when she lived in Transylvania. They were so close, they were even mistaken for sisters. These days, Elissabat is a good acquaintance of Catty Noir and her makeup artist, Viperine Gorgon.

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