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Elita-1 G1 cartoon

Elita-One is the leader of the female Autobots and romantic interest of Optimus Prime.

In the cartoon, Elita was voiced by Marlene Aragon, and Samantha Newark as Ariel.


Nine million years ago, as seen in War Dawn she was a civilian robot called Ariel romantically linked with dockworker Orion Pax. When the Aerialbots were transported back in time, they met Orion Pax, Ariel, and their friend Dion. When Megatron attacked the energy storage hangar where Orion worked, he fatally wounded both Ariel and Pax. The Aerialbots took Orion Pax to Alpha Trion, who reconstructed both Pax and Ariel. Both became important commanders of the Autobots, Optimus Prime and Elita-1. They remained romantically linked after their reconfiguration.

Four million years ago Elita-1 parted ways with Optimus Prime as he lead his ship the Ark on a mission to gather energon. She wanted to come with him but Optimus insisted it was too dangerous. Optimus vowed to return for Elita, but caught in an explosion, Optimus believed Elita-1 to be destroyed.

Elita-1 is the female Autobot commander on Cybertron trying to liberate the planet from the corrupt grip of the Decepticon guardian of Cybertron, Shockwave. Advised by Alpha Trion, she led a group of female Autobot resistance fighters including Chromia, Firestar, and Moonracer.

Elita-1 is captured and used as bait by Shockwave to lure Optimus Prime into a deadly trap. As Shockwave predicted, Optimus Prime travelled back to Cybertron to uphold his promise and save his love.

Elita-1 possesses a rare and powerful weapon built within herself that can temporarily halt the flow of time within its radius of effect. However, the weapon drains her life force, so she only uses it when there is no other hope of victory. When used, one of the few things that can save her life is a power transfer from Optimus Prime, who has a compatible power system to hers.

Elita-1 only appears in one episode (The Search for Alpha Trion). Her story as Ariel is told, along with Optimus Prime's [as Orion Pax] in War Dawn. As the newly-built Optimus Prime leaves to fight Megatron with the Aerialbots, Alpha Trion hints that he will rebuild Ariel as Elita-1. She never re-appears afterwards, and many fans presume she was killed when the Decepticons conquered Cybertron between the second season and the movie. (Although, she is confirmed to be alive in the Japanese G1 cartoon continuity, as seen at the end of the Legends comic.)

Transformers Animated[]

Elita-One was depicted in this continuity as Optimus and Sentinel Prime's best friend at the Autobot Academy. However, when on an unsanctioned mission to find a Decepticon warship, they were attacked by alien spiders. Elita-One tried to escape the spider cave, but fell back in, and was left behind. When Elita One tried to use her organic-matter downloading powers on the spider aliens, she infected herself with spider DNA and became a techno-Organic. After being presumed dead, the vengeful Eilta became Blackarachnia.

She is voiced by Cree Summer.

Transformers Cinematic Universe[]

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War for Cybertron Trilogy[]

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Transformers EarthSpark[]

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  • As a cartoon exclusive character, Elita-One did not appear in the Marvel comics. However, Classics, a sequel to the US run, would feature a version of Elita-One.
  • Ariel was not originally intended to be the same character as Elita, but the story editors noticed the commonality between the two characters and added lines indicating that Ariel was rebuilt into Elita-One.


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