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Elita-One is a supporting character and major protagonist in the Transformers movie franchise. She is an Autobot from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen who transforms into a motorcycle similar to Arcee and Chromia.


Dawn of a new era

As seen in the IDW comic Foundation, thousands of years ago, Elita-One, alongside Optimus, Megatron, Shockwave, and others, was a follower of Sentinel Prime, believing in his teachings of the Dynasty of the Primes and the AllSpark. When Sentinel unearthed the AllSpark at Sinfur, Eilta and the others defended it from the disbelieving Thetacon tribe, until Wheeljack summoned a star to Cybertron, revitalising the AllSpark and the planet. After the Thetacons called off hostilities, Elita told Optimus of her two sisters, Arcee and Chromia, in Metrotitan and her desire to see them again, and Optimus decided to go with her.

Elita and her sisters witnessed Sentinel's speech on Unification Day, telling Optimus that her sisters would have hated to miss it. Elita and Arcee joined Optimus's Science Division, while Chromia became part of Megatron's Defense Force.  


Years later, after the Science Division unearthed a strange relic,nCybertron was attacked by aliens from the Eshems Nebula, Megatron changed the Defense Force to be more aggressive against the aliens. In protest, Elita stayed behind on Cybertron.

Studying the relic fragments they had uncovered alongside Arcee and Ratchet, Elita discovered that they all bore the same symbol in the same area, which Optimus also wore. Ratchet realized this meant Optimus was part of the Dynasty of Primes. 

The War on Cybertron

As seen in Foundation, after Megatron reformed the military into the Decepticons, ordering the Primes to be assassinated, Elita came under fire with Sentinel and Wheeljack at the excavation site. Optimus and Chromia rescued them, and they escaped via a tunnel to Tyger Pax. Elita saw the Nemesis depart with the other Autobots, and became one of Optimus's closest advisers with Sentinel and Ironhide. With the war tearing Cybertron apart, Sentinel proposed using a "torch" to end the war without further loss of life. As the AllSpark was needed, while Optimus battled Megatron at Simfur Temple, Elita successfully activated the torch and delivered it to Sentinel. However, after boarding the Ark, Sentinel flew to Simfur, and Starscream destroyed the ship.

Elita-One joined a vengeful Optimus Prime in a charge on Megatron's citadel. Shocked at the ruthlessness her old friend was displaying on the battlefield, Elita entreated him to stand down, telling him that this was not who he was, but he retorted that Megatron's death was all that mattered. She was left behind when Ironhide decided to help Optimus Prime. Though Optimus did not go through with killing Megatron after her sisters stole the AllSpark, Elita could not bring herself to speak to him. 

Sometime in 1908, as seen in Rising Storm, Elita-One were part of an Autobot team sent to steal energon from the Decepticons. Instead they were ambushed by Shockwave and his troops, and Chromia was killed in action. 

The Reign of Starscream

After the Autobots had won their first battle on Earth, Elita-One, Grindcore, Signal Flare and Warpath were captured by Starscream's forces. They were put to work in constucting a Replica AllSpark.  When Starscream arrived to inspect the cube, Elita pled with him for mercy, but none was dispensed. Upon the AllSpark's completion, she was strapped to it, with the intention of draining her life-force to power the cube. Arcee arrived too late to save Elita, but avenged her by destroying the generators used to store the life energy.

Experimented on by Flatline

Despite her death, soon after, as seen in Tales of the Fallen, her remains were taken by the mad Deceptiocn experimenter Flatline, along with Chromia's, and was taken to his lab to be used to create a new breed of soldier. His plan was to create a being which was made of of three bodies fuelled by one spark. After several attempts, Flatline ended up capturing Arcee, and used her spark to revive Elita and Chromia in new bodies. 

Due to being revived with Arcee's spark, each sister were one with each other, being able to feel the sensations and feelings of the other, but still retained their own individual identities. Grappling with their new forms, the sisters broke free, liberating Flatline's other victims, the twins Skids and Mudflap, in the process.  A short time later, the sisters, the twins, Sideswipe, Topspin, Leadfoot and Roadbuster arrived on Earth on the Wreckers ship Xantium, in response to a summons beamed into space by Optimus Prime. Joining the allied Autobot-human strikeforce NEST, the new recruits received some training, and were soon called upon to put it into use: the Decepticon Demolishor had been sighted in Shanghai, China.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Elita-1 and her sisters were held in reserve as NEST entered Shanghai to deal with Demolishor, only being called into action when the presence of a second Decepticon, Sideways, was detected. Together with the twins, the sisters pursued the sneaky speedster through the streets of Shanghai, smashing through buildings and everything else in their way, but ultimately they weren't able to do much damage, so Sideswipe was brought up to bat, and proceeded to make short work of Sideways.

When The Fallen issued an ultimatum to Earth, the US government decided that the Autobots would be shipped back to Diego Garcia, but NEST disobeyed the orders, instead shipping Elita and the others to Egypt on the advice of Sam Witwicky, who had the means to resurrect the recently-deceased Optimus Prime. During the climactic battle between NEST and The Fallen's Decepticons, the sisters arrived with Ironhide to help escort Sam and Mikaela through the warzone, but Elita-1 was apparently one of the first Autobot casualties of the battle, being shot down from behind as she called for Sam and Mikaela to follow them.

Rising Storm

According to Rising Storm, however, Elita-One and her sisters survived Operation: Firestorm. When NEST discovered that Starscream was selling Transformer weaponry to humans, Elita and her sisters were part of a sting operation where Theodore Galloway posed as a arms dealer to lure the Decepticons. When Skystalker, Divebomb and Fearswoop took the bait, Elita and her sisters battled them along with the twins and  NEST. After being offended by Skystalker's sexist comments, Elita and her sisters killed him with ease. Optimus Prime was concerned by Elita's violent streak, reminding him of how Elita once disapproved of his violent actions. 

Returning to base after the mission, Elita told Optimus she could sense things from her sisters whose spark she shared, such as Arcee's wounds, and Chromia's sword blade when she tested it against her fingertip. Prime quietly told her that she had never told him these things before, and she simply replied that he had never asked. 

When Starscream attacked Sam's college in Philadelphia, Optimus felt that the sisters should be left behind due to Arcee's injuries. However, in the end Optimus allowed Elita and her sisters to join the mission. During the flight, Optimus tried once more to have Arcee sit out of the mission. Elita reminded Optimus that was Arcee's decision, and they both had the same strong desire for revenge.

After Optimus tried to explain to her that victory at any price comes at a high cost, mentioning when he let his emotions overtake him on Cybertron, Eltia angrily chastised him for leaving her behind. Bringing up her and her sister's deaths and revivals, only to fight and kill, Elita, Arcee and Chromia were dispatched to Starscream's base in upstate New York, and destroy it. However, they quickly found out they were wrong and that Shockwave was on Earth. Elita tried to contact Optimus, but Soundwave jammed their communications and sent his minions after her sisters. She attempted to flee and warn Optimus, but Astrotrain pursued her.

After a short chase, Elita eventually got the drop on Astrotrain. A swipe of her blade cleaved his armour, causing him to explode above a building as Elita sped away. She was able to inform Optimus Prime that the events occurring were the result of Shockwave's manipulation. Just as she was delivering her message, she was caught off guard was crushed by Shockwave, while her sisters felt her pain as she died for a second time. After Shockwave mocked her lifeless body, the distraught Optimus brutally battled Shockwave, until he managed to escape.

As seen in IDW's adaptation of Dark of the Moon, a makeshift grave was made for Elita and the other dead Autobots. Optimus Prime dwelled on their deaths for a few minutes, shortly before he left on a mission to Chernobyl.




  • Elita-One's name was originally announced as "Flareup" at Hasbro's panel during San Diego Comic-Con 2009.
  • While Revenge of the Fallen is ambigous on Elita was actually killed, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman would claim that all three Arcee components were killed at director Michael Bay's behest. IDW's comics ignored this and continued to feature the three sisters in Rising Storm, depicting Elita being killed off by Shockwave towards the end of that comic.


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