Eliza is a minor character from the 2006 computer animated film, Monster House.


Eliza is a cheerful good-hearted little girl with a meek singing voice. She enjoys riding her tricycle, and, like most people in the neighborhood, is spooked by Nebbercracker's house.

Role in Monster House

The Beginning

Eliza is first seen riding her tricycle while singing. All of sudden, she hits a bump, ending up in Horace Nebbercracker's yard. A leaf gets caught on her front wheel, and blows through it, toward Nebbercracker's house. Nebbercracker then opens the front door and screams at her to get off his lawn. Terrified, she attempts to pedal away from his house as he storms up to her, asking if she wants to be eaten alive, to which she fearfully replies "No.", and shouts at her to leave; she gets off her tricycle and runs away from him before realizing she left it behind, and Nebbercracker grabs it and rips the front wheel off before her eyes, causing her to run away crying.  

Halloween Night

She is seen again near the end of the film, as children are reclaiming their confiscated possessions from Nebbercracker at the remains of his house. She walks up to DJ and asks him what happened to Nebbercracker's house. He explains to her that the house became a monster, so he destroyed it on Nebbercracker's behalf. Nebbercracker reattaches the front wheel of Eliza's tricycle to it, and he, ChowderJenny, and DJ then give it back to her.


  • "Hello, fence."
  • "Hello, leaves."
  • "Hello, sky."
  • "No."
  • "My trike."
  • "What happened to Nebbercracker's house?"
  • "Trick or treat!"
  • "Hello, tricycle. I missed you so much. Thank you, mister!"



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