Elizabeth Drosselmayer

Elizabeth Drosselmayer is a character in the 2001 animated film, Barbie in the Nutcracker. She is the aunt of Clara and Tommy, and the niece of Grandfather Drosselmayer.

She is voiced by Kathleen Barr.


Elizabeth is Clara and Tommy's aunt and Grandfather Drosselmayer's niece. She likes to go travelling, create mischif, and vex her uncle. When Elizabeth went to see Clara and Tommy she had just come back from China. There, she sailed on a junk, had her first rickshaw ride, and she danced with an emperor. Her uncle thinks that Elizabeth is a bad influence on Clara . Grandfather Drosselmayer doesn't want Clara and Elizabeth to travel out of fear that they'll get hurt.

For Christmas, Elizabeth was surely gives Tommy two army figures, and Clara a Nutcracker doll, but Tommy is breaks it a few moments after she unwraps it. Elizabeth and her uncle later check on Clara when she falls asleep with her Nutcracker in the parlor, and she says that Clara is grown up and should make her own decisions; he raised her well. When Clara wakes up after her dream, Elizabeth walks in with Eric, she was said Eric is the son of a dear friend of hers, which could have been the King of Parthenia. While she makes her uncle and Tommy was leave the room so Clara and Eric can be alone together.

It's possible she has a high social status if she was able to meet a Chinese emperor.


Elizabeth is a brave woman, who likes travelling. She is elegant and caring. Elizabeth loves Clara like a mother. She is the best friend for Clara, but her uncle tends to get worked up easily with Elizabeth; He says she plots against him. Elizabeth loves travelling and would like Clara to go with her, but Grandfather Drosselmayer wants Clara to stay at home with him and Tommy.


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