Elizabeth Lochley was a heroine featured in the television series Babylon 5 and its spin off Crusade.

Lochley was portrayed by Tracy Scroggins.

The daughter of a career Earthforce officer who had become a high functioning alcoholic, Lochley herself fell into addiction, becoming an alcoholic herself. She lived with a roommate named Zoe in a squalid apartment until Zoe died of an overdose. Shocked by her friend's death, Lochley cleaned herself up and went in to Earthforce.

After the academy she married John Sheridan, however the marriage did not last long due to the need for both of them to always be in charge. They divorced after three months but remained close friends.

Following the death of President Morgan Clark and the departure of Susan Ivanova, Sheridan requested Lochley to be the new commanding officer of Babylon 5. Sheridan wanted someone who had remained loyal to Clark's side during the recent civil war, and more importantly wanted someone he could trust as the new CO.

While most of the ISA and B5 staff quickly adapted to the new commanding officer, Lochley and Michael Garibaldi butted heads from the moment she arrived on the station. The two later realized that the moment they were having a hard time getting along was that they were both very similar to each other and saw parts of themselves in each other that they did not like. With that knowledge the two eventually formed a friendship, and Lochley helped Garibaldi recover from a relapse into alcoholism.

After the Drakh infected Earth with a plague, Lochley became close friends with EAS Excalibur commanding officer Matthew Gideon. She, however, declined to develop the relationship further.

Lochley remained in command of Babylon 5 for a number of years, and was promoted to Colonel during her tenure as commanding officer. By 2281 Lochley had left the station, which was due to be decommissioned and scuttled.

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