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Elizabeth de Burgh was a protagonist in the 2018 movie Outlaw King.

She was portrayed by Florence Pugh.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Lord Richard de Burge and his wife Margaret de Burgh, who were strong allies with the English King Edward I. After the English defeated the Scottish forces at Falkirk, the victorious Edward arranged for Elizabeth to marry Robert Bruce, the Earl of Carrick.

Still mourning over the loss of his first wife Edward was at first polite by distant towards his wife, refusing to make love to her as was expected of him. Elizabeth did become friends with Robert's daughter Marjorie, and became a mother figure to the young girl.

Having plenty of time to read and observe the political situation, Elizabeth decided that the Scots were right to resent the English presence. Robert and Elizabeth began to fall in love with each other. After the deaths of Robert's father and the rebel William Wallace, Elizabeth stood with her husband against the English, and supported him when he was crowned in Scone as King of the Scots.

Following his coronation the pair finally consummated their marriage. A few hours later the English launched a sneak attack on the Scottish encampment. Robert had his brother Neil take Elizabeth and Marjorie to safety while he escaped with a small group of followers.

Prince Edward soon came to Neil's castle looking for Robert. After having Neil killed, Edward ordered Elizabeth and Marjorie taken back to England as hostages. The two were soon separated, with Marjorie being sent to a convent.

Reunited with her parents, Prince Edward pressured Elizabeth to renounce her title as Queen of Scots and leave her husband. When Edward said that Robert would soon be dead, Elizabeth realized that Robert was still free and refused to sign the renunciation. In retaliation Edward had her placed in a wooden cage suspended high over the water.

After the death of King Edward and his son's defeat at Lounden Hill, Elizabeth and Marjorie were freed and allowed to return to Robert.


  • While severe, the house arrest of the real Elizabeth de Burgh was not as brutal as depicted. She was not placed in a suspended wooden cage, nor was she held in a dungeon at any point during her captivity.
  • The movie implied that both Elizabeth and Marjorie were released soon after Robert's victory at Lounden Hill. In reality both Robert's wife and daughter were held prisoner until 1314 being released as part of prisoner exchanges following the Scottish victory at the Battle of Bannockburn.
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