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My cousin is twelve feet tall, covered in dragon scales, has a mouth full of fangs, glowing red eyes, and breath of fire. She'll devour you all.
~ Gwen

Why, hello, my new friends. I'm Gwen's cousin, Ella.
~ Ella
I'm looking forward to a day filled with wonder and joy!
~ Ella
I know I used to be a "bad girl", but Sweetie Pie Etiquette School turned my frown upside-down.
~ Ella


Ella retains her original counterpart's personality of a kind-hearted soul who generally gets along with almost everyone. Beneath her fairy tale princess appearance, however, lies a dark secret. In the past, Ella was apparently a naughty girl with a temper that Gwen described as being like a "fire breathing dragon". While she has reformed since, she is still capable of getting enraged and if pushed too far, she will literally transform into a dragon, and attack whoever has angered her. This is a complete opposite of her older self, who rarely shows anger towards anyone, even to Sugar those who are openly mean to her.


Total DramaRama

Ella appears as Gwen's cousin in this adaptation. Like her original counterpart, she is optimistic, caring and has the ability to charm animals with her singing. However, when she feels negative emotions such as rage or sadness, she starts to transform into an actual dragon, going on a rampage once it happens. In her dragon form, she can breathe fire and grow to an increased size, but turns back to her regular self when calmed down. Sunday Muse reprises her role as Ella in DramaRama.

Powers and Abilities

In this adaptation Ella apparently has the power to transform into a dragon when she is succiently angered enough. As a dragon, she gains superhuman strength, the ability to breath fire, and can grow into larger sizes.


Ella can be quite angered than her teenage self. Her transformation sequence can be stopped if calmed down. As a dragon, calming her down immediately reverts Ella back to her normal self.

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