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Ellen James (nee Jennings) is the very naive personal mother of Avery. Like all Disney channel mothers, Ellen tends to raise the roof when it comes to get what she wants. She also has a twisted black humor and always ends her jokes with her common catchphrase: "Good One, Ellen". A running gag is that she is terrible at cooking (which earned her the nickname "Smellen") and that she laughs like a donkey due to her cocky attitude. She also has a hatred towards dogs and is the only member of the household who doesn't get along with Stan. The feeling appears to be mutual as Stan often plays practical jokes on Ellen (such as eating her slippers, biting off the legs of her chair, etc.) to spite her for her canine envy. However, as the series progresses, the two begin to get along well after it is revealed in the episode Howloweeen that Ellen's hatred towards dogs stems from the fact that she once had a dog herself that got away when she was a kid which drove into hating dogs ever since. She is also very obsessed with helping others and is even willing to intrude on other people's business in order to do so. Despite her antagonistic personality, she genuinely cares about her family and wants to make them feel better in any way possible.

Ellen is portrayed by Beth Littleford.

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