Ellen Yin is a reccuring detective in The Batman. She was once the head of the police department in 

Ellen Yin
Metropolis but moved to Gotham for new challenges. Yin was the second-in-command of the police department under Chief Rojas' leadership. Like Rojas, she opposed Batman and tried to capture him. She eventually became his ally in season 2 after realizing that he is not a threat.  Ellen was a partner of Ethan Bennett before became Clayface. The detective took on the supervillains that reside in Gotham such as The Joker and The Penguin. Rojas figured out her connections to the Batman in the second season finale and had her suspended but was reinstated by the new Commisioner James Gordon.


  • Ellen Yin is voiced by Ming Na Wen who is well known for voicing Fa Mulan.
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