Elline is a character in Kirby And The Rainbow Curse. Her goal is to restore colour to Popstar after it was drained of colour. She is Claycia's best friend.

Personality and Bio

Elline is rather diligent as shown by her willingness to restore Pop Star. She can also be frightened by tough monsters. She wants her friends to be happy and cares for their welfare.

She and Kirby are good friends, because of Kirby's willingness to protect his loved ones. However, Elline's best friend is actually Claycia.

Elline is obsessed with art, imaginative and an art critic, drawing in her diary and painting with all her heart.

Physical Appearance

Elline takes her design somewhat from a paintbrush, and she has a similar body pan to the Floralians from Kirby Triple Deluxe.  She has detached hands and her hair has the colours of the rainbow. Her outfit consists of a pink-ish shirt/dress with a red gem. She is legless, and therefore has no pants. Her eyes are cyan and her eyebrows are light-brown. Her skin is pale or peach-coloured.


Elline made her debut in Kirby And The Rainbow Curse. She and Claycia are a nearly-inseparable team, but then, Claycia is possessed by Dark Matter and turned against her friend. Elline escaps and warns Kirby about Claycia's actions. She nearly falls victim to the Grab Hands but Kirby fends off their assault, saving her. They team up and set off to restore colour to Popstar.

Eventually, Elline and her best friend meet up in the Purple Fortress. However, Claycia was driven to madness, and she denied Elline's requests. Kirby defeats Claycia and frees her. The Dark Crafter, who was responsible, then reveals his true form, but the heroes defeat him by striking his eye, as Kirby becomes Rocket Kirby at the start of the fight.

Elline and Claycia then reconcile, and they and Kirby decide to have fun. A similar entity named Vividria appears in Kirby Star Allies.


  • Elline earned her name from "line" and possibly "Ellie."
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