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I love horses.
~ Ellis
Kill all sons of bitches. That's my official instructions.
~ Ellis

Ellis or El is one of the four playable Survivors in Left 4 Dead 2 as the youngest of the group. He is a junior mechanic by trade in Savannah City, he describes himself as a goofy, beer-loving guy with artless and sometimes naive universal view. Personally, he is open, friendly, inclusive and highly optimistic. In common, he's also a risk taker and believes trusts himself to be invincible. However, he has a love interest named Zoey after meeting up with her.

Ellis' facial features are based on Jesy McKinney and he is voiced by Eric Ladin.

Ellis' irrepressible optimism leads to some mixed relationships with the other team members, who cannot figure out if Ellis is genuinely oblivious to the danger they face or if he has a highly resilient, tough-minded personality who chooses to mask or defend it behind a light-hearted surface persona.

Whatever is supposed to be the truth, Ellis presents to his fellow team members the view that the Zombie Apocalypse is a thrill-laden adventure while his open and friendly nature allows him to form affectionate bonds with his teammates effortlessly. Ellis is quick to claim everyone as his friends, as he will sometimes say, "This is what friends are for," when using a med-kit, or will tell a fallen teammate, "I ain't leavin' you!" and he mourns the most when any member of the group dies. In overall terms, Ellis can be viewed as the group's little brother.

Although his seeming obliviousness to the severity of the situation implies that he is rather naive or even unintelligent, this view is incorrect: he is not stupid, as he proves many times over in combat and most notably when he comes up with the plan of using Jimmy Gibbs Junior's car to escape the mall.


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