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Elzar is a jerk hero turned supporting character from TV Series Futurama.

He is a famous chef, the host of the cooking show Essence of Elzar, the owner of the restaurants Elzar's Fine Cuisine, Elzar at the Wong, and Cavern on the Green, and the reigning champion of the cooking show Iron Cook. He got his start when he was brought in to replace Helmut Spargle's less extreme show, Down-Home Country Cooking With Helmut Spargle. Elzar practices the dark side of cooking, utilizing things like cilantro, mango salsa, raspberry vinaigrette, along with liberal use of his spice weasel.

A Neptunian, Elzar lives in Little Neptune. He is cocky, arrogant, possessing a sharp tongue and a short temper. He is an excellent chef, though he has a reputation for being rude to the customers. Bender briefly worked for Elzar, in order to pay for the meal Elzar served the Planet Express crew to make up for accidentally blinding Leela.

He is voiced by John DiMaggio, who also voiced Bender, Jake the Dog, Crosshairs and Marcus Fenix.



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