Battle Unicorn, Charge!
~ Emerald's command to activate her bracer's mystical power

Emerald Goldenbraid (called "Em" for short) is the main character in Mysticons.

She is voiced by Evany Rosen who also voices MacArthur from Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race and Wendy from Hotel Transylvania: The Series.


She is the second Mysticon Knight and a female dwarf from the mining town of Rudick's Hollow who served as the Royal Griffin Wrangler and a good friend of Princess Arkayna Goodfey even prior to becoming a Mysticon.


Emerald is a dwarf who has a long hair tied into a ponytail with shaved hair on top. She wears a green shirt under her purple tank top, a hat with goggles, green shorts, and long bootlegs. When she turned into a Mysticon Knight she wears a purple tank top with pants.


In "Heart of Gold", it is revealed that Emerald has skills as a mechanic and tinkerer, and used to win awards with her father, Malachite Goldenbraid. She has a warm and caring heart, is confident, tough, and brave dwarf.

Mysticon Weapon

As Mysticon Knight, she wields a sword and can summon a shield of pink mystical energy. The shield has at least two forms, appearing as both a typical arm-mounted long shield as well as an encompassing sphere.

Eventually, she is given a mystical Silver Trident by the Queen of the Mer-Knights, in gratitude for saving her daughter so bravely.

Her special power is yet to be used.


  • One of her catchphrases, "Oh, my Goblin", is used in analogous fashion as, and in place of, "Oh, my God" and "Oh, my Gosh. After hearing it, Arkayna and Piper also begin to use it.
  • Despite her surname, while she does have golden-blonde hair, her ponytail is not braided,
  • As of "Heart of Gold", her father, Malachite, is the first person outside the core group to know that she is a Mysticon, which he keeps it a secret even from his wife. Presumably, he has figured out that the Princess and their friends are also Mysticons.
  • Another of her catchphrases is "By the Hammer of Harmon" as a running gag, which is said in wonder amazement or annoyance.
  • She is the first member of the group to officially have a boyfriend; the second being Arkayna with Malvaron.


  • She had grown up in a cottage at the town Rudix Hollow.


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