"So you want to fix me, Hisao? Wanna swoop in your white charger and save the day? Stop the nightmares, the phantom limb pains? Restore what's lost? Well, you can't. Nobody can. Nobody will."

Emi Ibarazaki is a character from the visual novel Katawa Shoujo. She has a happy-go-lucky personality despite having no legs. She is highly energetic, which can occasionally cause her injury when running, much to the nurse at Yamaku Academy's dismay. She is playful and is willing to try new things, which can lead to humorous situations. When she was young, Emi lost her legs and her father in a car crash. Now she is on prosthetic legs, but that doesn't stop her being the best runner in the track team. Her father was a runner and she was inspired to become a runner after his death, even though she's on prosthetic legs. After the accident, she underwent extensive rehabilitation including fully relearning how to walk. The process was overseen by the Nurse, which explains why the two have such a friendly relationship.

She is best friends with Rin Tezuka, becoming friends after the housing department decided the two would "compliment each other", meaning that the two of them together will have a full set of limbs. Emi and Rin are very supportive of each other, despite that Emi thinks Rin should do more sports, while Rin just thinks sports is "horsing around". Rin will attend Emi's track meets, and Emi will help Rin with her mural. Emi is relatively close with the track team captain, Miki Miura, as well as the other teammates.

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