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Well, I’m glad that you get it wasn’t personal, at any rate. I... I gotta go.
~ Em to Jesse about getting it not personal.

Emily, also known as "Em", is one of the supporting antagonist-turned-protagonist and character in Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 8: "A Journey's End?". She is voiced by Audrey Wasilewski.


Emily is a heavily built person who is a competitor in The Games and therefore wears the official outfit of the green team, whom she is a member of. The outfit consists of a lime green and gray colored shirt and pants. Emily's outfit appears to have ripped sleeves which reveals a red and white wristband on her left arm. She also has black shoes and a purple hair tie on her left side. She has short, light brown hair with pigtails.


You just can't take a hint, can you?
~ Emily to Jesse before kicking Nell off.
Get dunked on, you slacker!
~ Emily to Nell.
Look, it was a nice speech... but strength doesn't come from speeches.
~ Emily to Jesse after his/her speech.
Thought I try giving the friends thing a shot/Figured I tried believe in myself for once and take a chance.
~ Emily to Jesse, giving him/her a stone sword.
Well everyone could always use a little dose of luck, right?
~ Emily to Jesse in the Dormitory.
An enemy of *my* enemy is *my* friend.
~ Emily to Jesse in the Dormitory
It's funny... Right when you're about to get what you want, you start to worry whether it's really what you want...
~ Emily to Jesse.
Right behind you, fearless leader.
~ Em to Jesse.
Oh, I don't think so!
~ Emily to Jesse when he/she is in the Respawn Zone.


Em was a Villain At First and turned Anti-Hero. She made a deal with Hadrian. Am Betrays Jesse if you chose to work with her. If you chose to Save Nell she'll Win the race. If you don't save Nell. Em will Lose. She Redeem's Herself when she gives Jesse The Stone Sword.



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