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I may not be as clever as Max, or as skilled as Ronin, but don't ask me if I'm ready. Because no matter what happens, I'll have to be.
~ Emily Hayes

Emily Hayes is a young stonekeeper, the predecessor of her great-grandfather Silas Charnon, and the main protagonist in the Amulet graphic novel series.


After the car accident that kills her father, Emily becomes more serious and determined, as she will do what she can to keep her family from falling apart, even going to extreme lengths to help her loved ones, such as accepting the amulet's power in order to save her mother. Emily is also described as a natural leader, doing what she can to make the right decisions in order to help and save those that follow her.

Powers and Abilities

As a stonekeeper, Emily utilizes her amulet mainly as a form of self-defence. She is mentored by Leon Redbeard and Vigo Light, both of whom teach her the responsibility and importance of wielding such power. Emily is skilled in many offense and defence methods, and often wields a wooden staff to aid in battle and infuses the energy of her stone for improved damage. Her amulet responds to her thoughts, granting her numerous abilities, including energy attacks (ranging from singular blasts to powerful shock waves), telekinesis (lifting, sometimes throwing, objects), and even levitating herself to considerable distances.



  • Throughout the books, Emily has gained a new confidence and become visibly more brave.
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