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Emily Jacobs is the 13-year-old daughter of Steve and the late Mrs Jacobs, the host of The Flame of Olympus, and is the main protagonist of the Pegasus book series.


Early Life

Emily was born in New York 13 years prior to the events of Pegasus and The Flame to a policeman named Steve Jacobs and his wife. Together they lived on the top floor of a apartment building near the Empire State Building.

As a younger child, Emily and her parents would go to Central Park and play Robin Hood with Emily playing Robin, her mother playing Maid Marian and Steve playing The Sheriff of Nottingham.

Eventually, Emily's mother fell ill with cancer and sadly passed away.

Pegasus series

Pegasus and The Flame

Three months after her mother's death, Emily is home alone during a thunderstorm and blackout whilst her father is out working. Emily later hears a thud from the apartment's rooftop garden (which her mother created) and goes up to investigate and comes across Pegasus who had crashed landed there after falling from Olympus during a battle between the Olympians and a race of creatures called the Nirads. With the help of her classmate Joel, Emily was able to heal Pegasus.

She along with Joel, Diana (The goddess of the Moon) and Pegasus, were captured by the Central Research Unit (CRU for short), but with help from another captured Olympian named Paelen, they were able to escape.

Emily also discovered that she was a Daughter of Vesta (the name given to the host of the heart of the Flame of Olympus). Upon arriving in Olympus, Emily sacrificed herself to restore Olympus and the gods that had fallen in battle. She was then reborn as the Flame.

Pegasus and The Fight For Olympus

In the second book, Emily now lives in Olympus with Joel, Pegasus and Paelen, but wished to return to Earth to rescue her father who was being held prisoner by the CRU. She was being taught by Vesta on how to control her flame powers. Emily along with Joel, Pegasus and Paelen sneak away from Olympus and return to Earth. They are shortly joined by Cupid, the God of Love, whom Emily has a crush on.

Emily also discovered that the Nirads were an benevolent race who were being forced to fight the gods by the Gorgons Stheno and Euryale, who had imprisoned the Nirads' young queen Segan. The two Gorgons had Pegasus' brother Chrysaor and the Nirads capture Emily and Pegasus and attempted to force Emily to use her powers as the Flame of Olympus to kill Jupiter in order to avenge the death of their sister Medusa, who had been killed by Jupiter's son Perseus. But this plan failed as Emily was able to use her powers to destroy the Gorgons and free the Nirads. Emily is also reunited with her father, who had been freed from the CRU by Joel and Paelen. At the end of the book, Emily gets over her crush on Cupid (whom she now just sees as a friend) but is unsure whether she has feelings for either Joel or Paelen.

Pegasus and The New Olympians

In the third book, Emily reads an Earth newspaper and sees a racehorse named Tornado Warning who looks like Pegasus apart from being grey. She suspects that the horse is actually a clone of Pegasus made by the CRU from Pegasus' DNA. After discovering that Jupiter would destroy Earth if he found out that there were clones of Olympians there, Emily along with Pegasus, Joel, Paelen, Chrysaor and a Sphinx named Alexis, travel to Earth to find out if Tornado Warning is indeed a clone. They are soon joined by Earl, Agent T (who's real name is revealed to be Tom) (whom Alexis developes feelings for), The Nirads' prince Toban and his bodyguard Tirk.

They once again encounter the CRU and during the fight, Emily accidentally uses her powers to make Pegasus and Alexis disappear along with a young boy named Frankie and believes that she had accidentally destroyed them.

After being taken to the CRU's base at Area 51, Emily discovers that they have been creating not just Olympian clones but Nirad clones that are part Olympian. Due to Emily being the Flame of Olympus, the clones are drawn to her. She also finds Tom in a paralysed state and surviving on breathing tubes after being shot in the spine whilst being captured by the CRU. Two Nirad clones named A-Two and A-Three (who are able to communicate with Toban (like all Nirads) and due to being part Olympian, are able to speak English) help Emily revolt against the CRU.

Soon after, Jupiter and the other Olympians arrive to destroy Earth. Emily is left with no choice but to challenge Jupiter in order to save her home planet. However before she can anything, Pegasus, Alexis and Frankie appear and reveal that Emily had in fact teleported them to another planet. After seeing how much Emily cares about Earth, Jupiter changes his mind about destroying it. Emily along with Alexis and Jupiter go into Area 51 and liberate the other clones. They then go to the room Tom is being kept where Jupiter tells Emily and Alexis that he is unable to heal Tom but instead teleports him to Olympus and turns him into a willow tree in order to keep him alive.

Emily destroys Area 51 and watches as Pegasus turns the area into a lake before Jupiter transforms the CRU agents into Prometheus Oak trees.

Pegasus and The Origins Of Olympus

Emily has a recurring dream of being on a jungle planet with a temple and many statues. She then learns that it is the same planet she accidentally sent Pegasus, Alexis and Frankie to.

Emily, her father Steve, Pegasus, Paelen, Joel and Cupid attend a meeting headed by Jupiter, who had sent other Olympians to the planet and brought back items from it including an inscription that they were unable to translate. However, much to the surprise of the others, Emily is able to understand what is written and it is revealed that the planet is called Xanadu and was home to the Xan, who created and originally guarded the Solar Stream, before being succeeded by the Olympians. Jupiter then tells Emily that he believes that she is a Xan.

After the Olympians create a portal to Xanadu, Emily and Pegasus accompany Jupiter, Diana and Steve through the portal. During this, Emily and Pegasus get separated from the others and end up in a temple at a different end of Xanadu from where the poral ended. Emily recognises the temple and is able to give Pegasus directions get get the pair of them out. They then meet up with Neptune and Pluto (who had went through the portal earlier) and encounter Xanadu's wildlife, who are drawn to Emily. Afterwards, Emily and Pegasus visit a large lake of glass and smaller glass lake, which sets off a feeling of sadness in Emily. She later shows this to Joel and Paelen. Soon after, Mercury arrives in Xanadu and reveals that Juno, Minerva, Ceres and Vesta have fallen ill. Hearing this, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto return to Olympus to investigate and leave Emily and the others to continue their operation on Xanadu.

Emily once again has her dream and after waking up, she speaks in a different female voice, who identifies herself as Riza, the last of the Xan, and that she and Emily are one. It is also revealed that the glass lake was the remains of the Xan and the smaller glass lake is the remains of Riza's old body after she spread herself across the cosmos, with a part of her becoming the heart of the Flame of Olympus, which is within Emily. Apollo leaves to return to Olympus to inform Jupiter of this.

Apollo later returns with greying hair and says that Jupiter wishes to see Emily. Emily and the others return to Olympus and see that Jupiter has aged rapidly. Jupiter reveals to Emily that Juno, Vesta and Ceres have died and he, Neptune and Pluto will follow soon. He reveals that what is happening is the Titans final revenge. He explains to Emily that many years ago, the Olympians fought the Titans led by Saturn (the father of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto), who created Shadow Titans and a boulder like weapon to kill the Olympians. However, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto managed to get hold of the weapon and placed it in a gold box and hid it before defeating the Shadow Titans. However, Jupiter says that the box has now been opened and it is in Greece and is where a temple honouring Poseidon (Neptune's Greek name) is located.

After Jupiter and Pluto pass away, Emily and Joel send the most of the remaining Olympians to Xanadu with hopes that being there would slow down their rapid ageing. After bringing the Olympians to Xanadu, Emily and Joel use blue jewels given to them by Diana to travel through the Solar Stream to Greece where they meet a 15-year old wheelchair-bound girl named Stella who says that her archeologist parents had sent the box containing the weapon to a museum in Athens. Stella also believes Emily and Joel to be gods as she has seen pictures of them on ancient pottery, but Emily denies that she and Joel are from the past. Emily then enlists Stella to help her and Joel get to Athens. Whilst travelling to the museum, they briefly talk with a Greek reporter who is there with other press. They also meet a stray dog, whom Emily names Mike. However upon entering the museum, they are confronted by armed men led by the reporter who is revealed to be a British CRU agent named Agent B. He reveals that he also knew about the weapon after Olympian clones at the CRU's UK base died. He then reveals that the CRU took the weapon and used a blue jewel accidentally left behind on Earth by Diana to send the weapon to Olympus, much to the horror of Emily. Agent B then says that without the Olympians around to "distract" Emily, she would become the ultimate weapon to use against those who oppose the CRU. In a fit of rage, Emily unleashs her powers, sending Agent B and the other agents away and also starting a fire in the museum. Joel uses his blue jewel to teleport himself, Emily, Stella and Mike to Olympus.

After returning to Olympus, the group see several CRU agents there and learn that they have discovered the portal to Xanadu. Emily sets off an explosion to distract the agents and goes to the portal to destroy it, only to be sucked into it along with Joel, Stella and Mike. Emily and Joel arrive back on Xanadu where they discover that Emily had sent Agent B and his fellow agents there too. They also learn that Olympus is on a collision course towards Xanadu and in order to prevent this, Emily must destroy the portal on Xanadu. As soon as Stella and Mike come through the portal, Emily destroys the portal before passing out.

Afterwards Emily wakes up and is told by Steve that the Titan's weapon was not destroyed. Afterwards more Olympians, amoung them the centaur Chiron, pass away.


Due to hosting the Flame of Olympus, Emily has fire powers with even her tears being deadly. She also has the ability to revive those who were turned to stone by the Gorgons even herself. She can move objects without touching them, teleport and manipulate them.

After being reborn as the Flame of Olympus, Emily gained immortality and would heal faster than normal if injured. She was also able to heal herself as in "The New Olympians", she healed her previously injured leg.


Emily is caucasian with black hair.

After one of her legs is injured by a Nirad, Emily is given a leg brace made from Olympian Gold, which is harmful to Nirads. However this brace is later taken from Emily by the Gorgons, which meant that Nirads could come into physical contact with her.

After the Gorgons defeat and the Olympians making peace with the Nirads, Emily got a new leg brace made from Olympian Silver, which is harmless to Nirads. However near the end of "The New Olympians", Emily no longer needs a brace as she was able to heal her leg with her powers.


  • Emily's favorite snacks are marshmallows and salted peanuts.
  • Emily is similar to Percy Jackson
    • Both are the protagonist of their series.
    • Both live or have lived in New York.
    • Both are raised by a single parent (Emily is raised by her father Steve whilst Percy was raised by his mother Sally until she married Gabe Ugliano and later Paul Blofis).
    • Both have encountered the Olympians. (While Emily encounters the Roman versions, and Percy, both the Greek and Roman ones.)
    • Both have a winged steed (Pegasus and Blackjack) that they can understand.
    • Both have slayed Gorgons (Emily killed Stheno and Euryale whilst Percy killed Medusa, Stheno and Euryale).