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Emirate Xaaron is a character from the Transformers comics published by Marvel. The leader of the Autobot resistance, he is the main protagonist of certain Cybertron-set storylines, notably the "City of Fear" story arc.

He was created by Simon Furman and John Stokes.


Emirate Xaaron was a member of the Autobot Council of Elders. He first appeared in "And There Shall Come a Leader", a story in an early UK annual, in which he managed to convince the Elders, at an early stage in the war, to cede battlefield command of the Autobots to Optimus Prime.

Xaaron first appeared in the main comic in "Target: 2006". With the Decepticons having largely conquered Cybertron, Xaaron was now the leader of the Autobot resistance, one of the oldest known Transformers who hadn't transformed in years. He was the mastermind behind Operation: Volcano, an attempt to assassinate ten of the deadliest Decepticons by luring them into an ambush, using Xaaron himself as bait. The ambush was to be carried out by the Wreckers, who were originally going to be backed up by Ultra Magnus. When Magnus had to go to Earth to investigate the disappearance of Optimus Prime, Xaaron convinced Wreckers leader Impactor to go ahead with the plan. However, the operation was a failure: Only one Decepticon, Macabre, fell into the trap and his destruction cost the life of Impactor.

Not long after, Emirate Xaaron was reunited with Optimus Prime for the first time in four million years when the latter returned to Cybertron, identifying him as the genuine article despite Megatron and Straxus spreading disinformation that he was a fake. Optimus worked with Xaaron for a while but felt he needed to return to Earth.

Xaaron's main call to action came when the insane Autobot scientist Flame initiated his plan to activate fusion engines at the heart of Cybertron, a plan Xaaron had vetoed millions of years earlier. Xaaron and the Wreckers were captured by Flame's zombies but Xaaron managed to escape and confront his former friend. He was willing to sacrifice himself to stop the dangerous fusion engines coming online but was spared by the intervention of a zombified Impactor, who had regained his old personality and took Xaaron's place.

Emirate Xaaron was involved in the creation of the Micromasters but viewed them mostly as a tool and ordered the Battle Patrol destroyed when they were captured by Thunderwing to prevent the Decepticons reverse engineering them. Roadhandler disobeyed his orders and rescued them instead. Although the Decepticons succeeded in getting Micromaster technology, Xaaron recognised the importance of caring about his troops.

Xaaron worked with the Autobot Pretenders Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee during their time on Cybertron, including helping them defeat a group of demons under Cybertron's surface by overfeeding them. He farewelled the trio, along with the Rescue Patrol, when they headed for Earth, but intervention by the Decepticon Mayhem Squad resulted in Primus, the Transformers' creator located at the heart of Cybertron, being briefly reawakened and attracting the attention of Unicron. (This marked Xaaron's first appearance in Marvel US continuity, in Issues #60 and #61.) Xaaron worked with Optimus Prime to co-ordinate an attempt to locate the Creation Matrix.

Soon after, the Autobot resistance were attacked by Galvatron, acting as Unicron's herald. Xaaron was convinced to flee the base but was pursued by Galvatron. However, the Decepticon offered Xaaron an alliance against Unicron and they worked together to contact Primus and bring all the Transformers back to Cybertron to fight Unicron. This resulted in Primus possessing Xaaron in order to address the newly-summoned Transformers army. When Unicron did attack, Primus attempted to stand up to him but Unicron blasted Xaaron's body apart, killing them both.


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