Emma Sheen is one of the main heroines of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. She was a Titans officer who defected from them after witnessing their brutality and joined the Anti-Earth Union Group, becoming one of their top pilots.


Emma originally joined the Titans after it was formed following Operation Stardust, believing it to be an organization solely dedicated to stopping violent Zeon supporters rather than oppressing and murdering Spacenoids. However, Emma soon began to realize the corruption rampant within the Titans after witnessing the brutality of its officers.

After witnessing the Titans shoot a capsule that contained an innocent hostage, Kamille Bidan's mother Hilda, Emma is convinced to defect from the Titans. She frees Kamille and his father Franklin from their detainment by the Titans and escapes with them to the Argama to join the AEUG. Despite initial distrust among the AEUG officers, Emma eventually proves herself and becomes one of their leading pilots.

During her service in the AEUG, Emma drew the attraction of Argama captain Henken Bekkener, who fell in love with her. Emma reciprocated Henken's love, as shown when she became upset and distressed after Henken sacrificed himself to defend her from an attack by Yazan Gable of the Titans.

After AEUG technical officer Reccoa Londe defected to the Titans under persuasion from Paptimus Scirocco, Emma faced her former comrade in battle during the final stages of the Gryps War and killed her by stabbing Reccoa's Pallas Athene. However, Emma perished soon after when Yazan Gable fired on the downed Pallas Athene and caused it to explode, killing Emma with the explosion.

Emma's Newtype spirit later showed up alongside several other Newtype apparitions (including Reccoa's) to help Kamille in the final battle against Paptimus Scirocco.

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