Drop it Cutter!
~ Emmett Graves asking for something from Sydney Cutter.

Emmett Graves is the main protagonist in the Starhawk video game, a title related to the Warhawk game series.



Emmett Graves and his brother Logan Graves where Bounty Hunters to help the people with the Rift Energy until the two were corrupted by it. however, Emmett had helped to control his Rift powers and believed his brother to have died. Emmett later continued his battle against the Rift monsters until they went to turn people in a town that he is close to, which lead him to fight against the monsters. After finding out the leader of the monsters, known as the Outlaw, was his brother Logan, Emmett went to fight against the Rift Monsters even more, even fighting them in space. Emmett later fell down to the planet where he went hunting down the Outlaw, fighting against his minions without the help of Sydney Cutter and later turned his brother back to the way he was until the Rift Energy turned Logan into the Mother of the Rift Monsters.  He defeated the Giant Rift Monster withing a Mech-Spaceship and later stated that his brother is now truly at rest and later went back to helping the people with the Rift Energy

PlayStation All-Stars


Intergalactic Mercenary - Exposed to the invaluable but dangerous Rift Energy during an attack by the Outcasts, Emmett protects mining operations from the same marauders, helping them meet their Rift quotas. Outfitted with a special regulator which keeps him from completing his transformation into an Outcast, he’s become a gun for hire, utilizing a variety of weaponry and support structures to out-maneuver and defeat his enemies.


Emmett Graves was talking to himself about a rumor, only to go look for it while fighting against various characters in the PlayStation library until he met up with Kat and Dusty, as he was telling her that her powers where dangerous which leads the two to fight and after that battle, Emmett went to fight against Polygon Man and three of his Polygonal All-Stars. After his tryonth, Emmett Graves went back to his job with new powers combining with the Rift Energy inside of him.


  • Emmett Graves may have had a spiritual successor in Nintendo's Ever Oasis, with the character Tethu; as they have a similar story.


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