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Empress Zhang (Chinese: 張皇后) is the name given to a group of characters in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. They are an empresses of the state of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period and a wives of Liu Shan. In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is given the fictional name called Xingcai (Chinese: 星彩) in the games.

She is voiced by Junko Noda in the Japanese version, and by Carrie Savage, Wendee Lee, and Rachel Delante in the English version.


Empress Jing'ai

Zhang's father is Shu General Zhang Fei, and her mother is Lady Xiahou, a daughter of Xiahou Yuan. She married Liu Shan in at the request of Liu Bei. When Liu Shan became Crown Prince, she received the title of Crown Princess.

In the same year she lost her father when he was murdered by his subordinates. After Liu Bei dies, Liu Shan became emperor and made her empress. Empress Zhang had no children. Later on, she is died in unknown.

Empress Zhang

Liu Shan's first wife, Empress Jing'ai, was her sister. She was also a daughter of Zhang Fei and Lady Xiahou, a daughter of Xiahou Dun. When her sister died in 237, Liu Shan adopted her as a concubine. The next year, he elevated her to empress.

Empress Zhang, much like her predecessor, but had no children. After the kingdom was lost to Wei, she and her husband were called to the Wei capital, Luoyang. Since her husband was appointed Prince of Anle, she should became a princess. While her fate is unknown.

Dynasty Warriors

In this incarnation, Empress Zhang is named Xingcai. She is a daughter of Zhang Fei and Xiahou Ji, a younger sister of Zhang Bao, and the wife of Liu Shan. Xingcai was said to be a mentally resilient woman who while bears the responsibility of enduring several hardships. Although many people are worried about her security affairs, but her strong determination prevents her from depending too much on them.

At some point, she has a close relationship with Guan Ping, thus they were make a lot of demands. Both warriors are the same age, she is respected by her family and has similar responsibilities to their country. Though Xingcai doing is own efforts in order to ensured the idea for her family.

In Dynasty Warriors 7, she often served as Liu Shan's closest and most loyal retainer and possible love interest, Xingcai practically as she never trying to blamed him in helplessly than how really thought that the various troops were very satisfied, even if her identity shall stayed and praise them in passing.

In Dynasty Warriors 8, Xingcai accompanied Liu Shan in Tianshui to participate on the battle, as well as worried about her family and friends and want Zhuge Liang make many regulations. Zhao Yun is so inevitably with could paying conflict as he kept his forces out of danger which revealed that Jiang Wei's arrival in worthy about fights with him.

Xingcai, Zhuge Liang, and Liu Shan are sees the two boys fighting in away, Zhao Yun jumping into Jiang Wei's foot with his trident while through flips hoping over it due to his perfecting athletic skills. Xingcai had reminds him to stops Wei forces before ended up by defeating Jiang Wei.

She would cheers up but had nothing afraid for him, Jiang Wei later surrendered by Shu, which he would does after defecting from Wei. During the Battle of Chencang, Xingcai could concentrate on advising Zhuge Liang, only to saw her brother eventually died in Guan Xing's hands. Most of the battles are failed, Shu forces were getting killed by Jin forces and Xingcai was seriously injured by them.

In the ninth installment, Xingcai starting for the ministry to Shu, when she and her brother are living together in Chengdu. Upon Liu Bei wants to be rules, Xingcai and Zhang Bao decided to retained their harmony, which they joined Zhuge Liang and Fa Zheng's campaign of Hanzhong, and marching to against Cao Cao's forces with Shu. During this accident, Guan Yu along with his son, Guan Ping, and Zhou Cang were blackmailed which dies at the hands by the Wu forces and Wei forces on Fan Castle from Jing Province. While its, Guan Yinping, Guan Xing, and Guan Suo flees until the safety but they returning to Chengdu where about breaking the bad news to Liu Bei.

Her father, who will fell in the abyss through drinks the alcohol, as he trying talking over their lord to leading the punishment expeditions on Wu. Even though the way, Zhang Fei takes part of the banquets with his family in celebration before they joined the battle by fights with Wu forces so by course, Xingcai was too anxious as she thinks about her father's temperament. Unknowning to them with these happening, Zhang Fei demise as he gets killed by his former subordinates, who were choose to joined with Wu. Notify of the death of his brothers, Liu Bei was becomes overwhelming, because he swearing to kill Wu. Zhao Yun, Guan Yinping, Xingcai, and Zhuge Liang were participate in the struggle with the help of protected their lord.

Despite in the setback, Xingcai later leads to attacking in Yiling together with Liu Bei and Shu, they probably to facing Sun Quan and his forces. She and her brother continues to fights, Lu Xun setting fire attack along with Zhu Ran, which they caused the Shu warriors were terrible and forcing them escaped from Baidi Castle, but Liu Bei also died in that remorse after he preceding the actions by revenge. By that way, Zhao Yun grieved out of its leaving his lord, much to disappointed. Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei's wife, Sun Shangxiang are also mourned Liu Bei, making him yearning honor and reunited with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at the heaven.

After Liu Bei's gone, Liu Shan is welcomed by Cao Pi, which he succeeded his father as the new emperor of Shu. In wherever, Cao Pi leads five armies to dealing with Shu at the same time, Xingcai and Shu forces helps Zhuge Liang's plans and through protecting their homeland from aggression. She engaged to attack Meng Huo in Nanzhong. During Zhuge Liang's northern expeditions, Xingcai and the other warriors preparing to defeated Wei, makes Jiang Wei could submit by Shu to having him formed battles with them. As the result, Zhuge Liang dies of illness at the battle of Wuzhang Plains, which leaving the controls of Shu's military expertise to Jiang Wei.

All her family are gone, Xingcai and the other warriors later joined Jiang Wei's major expedition. By the time in the northern campaigns, Jiang Wei then onslaught to Mt. Xingshi, Mt. Tielong, Duangu, and Taoyang. He failed to fighting with Wei by mostly of times, which unable to feeling the endures. Xingcai noticed that her lord's upset while she constantly warring in the fact they against their worthy of harmony. When the Wei forces launch attacked in Chengdu, Liu Shan is times to fights with them, which ended up to be surrendered by Sima Zhao. In aftermaths of the Shu destruction, the Shu forces fell in the battle, Xingcai following his husband located to Luoyang under the escort from Wang Yuanji, Sima Zhao, and Jia Chong.


  • In the first Warriors Orochi, Xingcai and Yoshihiro Shimazu arrived in Ueda Castle and save Zhao Yun from the Orochi forces.


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