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En is a main protagonist in Tokyo Shinobi Squad.


En is a small thin Thai boy, with tan skin & green hair. He wears an orange singlet with a jacket and small brief-like pants. He also has a goggle that he hung around his neck when he's not wearing it on his head.


En, like many kids, is optimistic and friendly. However, deep down, he hides a deep pain from the loss of his father and being alone.

Powers & Abilities

Technique of Remembrance: A legendary Ninpo. Allows the user to have many mental abilities. En has scratched the surface, but if mastered, the user can be capable of reading minds, and brainwashing.

  • Photographic Memory: En can remember anything he has seen once, and at record-breaking speeds.


Jin Narumi: En looks up to Jin like an older brother.


En after the Timeskip