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Hero Overview

Ever since the 100-man Hi Shin Unit was first formed 7 years ago...En-san has served as our lieutenant. Martial might and intelligence ain't the only things you can put your trust in, Ga Ro. I Know that you'll do us proud, En-san. The man who I can trust this to the most...Is you, En-san!
~ Ri Shin

En is a central supporting character in the popular historical seinen manga and anime series, Kingdom. He serves as a 1000-man commander and one of the central figures within the Hi Shin Army of the state of Qin during the Warring States era of ancient B.C. China.


En is a tall man around his mid 30s with a bowl haircut with a small topknot atop his head and a mustache and small goatee both of which have grown thicker over the years. While initially wearing a long-sleeved Yue common among the common folk, he changes it into a cropped sleeve while also becoming significantly bulkier with numerous scars across his arms after training with and fighting in a stateless area with Shin. After the Hi Shin Unit became a 300-man unit, he started wearing infantry chain mail that he upgraded into full body armor with a neck guard after the unit became a 1000-man unit which he currently still wears.


En initially appeared to be acoward with little love for fighting but quickly changed after spending four months with Shin as they fought together during his training within a lawless area and gained a fair amount of confidence in not only his abilities but also as a commander with his respect for towards the young man growing to such an extent that he was willing to sacrifice his own well-being for him.


While the majority of his early life remains unknown with the exception that he married and has two children, En was actually just a messenger and liaison between the then teenage Ri Shin and the royal palace of Qin in Kanyou, however, through a strange twist of fate (mostly through some coaxing from Shin's wallet) he was asked by the young man to take him the capital city and estate of the famous Great General, Ou Ki as he wanted to ask the general to train him. While voicing his reluctance and showing absolute fear, he accompanies and escorted Shin to the city where he told him about some unsavory rumors regarding the area...


He WILL NOT DIE!! The captain of the Hi Shin Unit...will not die!
~ En to the Hi Shin Unit soldiers as they watch the duel between Shin and Rin Ko.

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