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I lied, Natasha. Never rely on beauty. It lies.
~ Enchantress.
You have heard my words, Lorelei -- and know their true meaning! Heed them or not -- the tapestry of your life is yours to weave as you wish! You have only yourself to fail...and I'll shed no tears for you!
~ Amora to her sister, Lorelei.

Amora the Enchantress was villainess turned anti-heroine from the Marvel Universe, Amora has been in love with Thor and helped him genuinely, making her transition to anti-heroism more easily.

She was created by the late Stan Lee and the late Jack Kirby, and first appeared in Journey into Mystery # 3 in April 1964.


Amora is beautiful woman wears a green triangular tiara, She wears a green suit that often showcased her cleavage, sometime she wears a more regal suit that cover her body similar to those wears by the vikings women.


Amora is rather conflicted and Pompous yet at the end is somewhat well-intentionated, she has been influenced by Thor to make the right thing and more than one occasion, she has helped Asgard from greater evils like Malekith or Surtur, she is in good terms with Thor and to a minor extension Dazzler.




  • She is similar to Maxima from DC Comics:
    • Both are in love with a superhero (Thor and Superman).
    • Both have abandoned their attempts to force the hero to love them.
    • Both have redeemed themselves.
  • She has redeemed herself by aiding Thor in numerous occasions, helping the Asgardians reclaim their former glory, defeating Surtur, and became a member of the Lady Liberators.
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