Ene-tan (エネたん) is a frog-type mecha Buddy Roid. She can combine with Buster Vehicle FS-0O to modify its submarine mode or to configure it into a Buster Animal. Typically, she operates the cockpit of FS-0O on her own.


  • Her design is similar to the titular character of Sergeant Frog and also that of an Enetron can.
  • She is the smallest Buddy Roid, as she is able to sit on Usada Lettuce's head, the smallest of the core three Buddy Roids.
  • Ene-Tan has the following quirks that make her unique to the other Buddy Roids:
    • She is the only one to be female.
  • She is the only one who is not partnered with a Go-Buster, as there is no Green Go-Buster in the main universe. There is, however an alternate universe Green Go-Buster.
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