We're not marauders. We're allies. And the war has just begun

Enfys Nest is the (false) secondary antagonist-turned-major protagonist in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

She is portrayed by Erin Kellyman.

She is a member of the Rebel Alliance that pretends to be a ruthless crime boss in order to mask her nature from the Galactic Empire. Her helmet helps her hide her identity and her gender.

At first, she is introduced trying to steal the coaxium that Han Solo and his partners are trying to steal. Because of her reputation, and because of how Tobias Beckett speaks of her and acts around her (as well Beckett's advice not to trust anyone), Han sees her as a rival and as an enemy.

Once Han manages to get the coaxium, Enfys reveals her true self to Han, revealing herself as an ally, since she is herself an enemy of Dryden Vos and Crimson Dawn. Thus, Enfys helps Han defeat Dryden and Tobias. After the battle is done, they both go their separate ways, with Enfys going back to the Rebel Alliance and Han going back to being an outlaw.

Han's interactions with Enfys foreshadow his interactions with Boba Fett and Leia Organa. Enfys as a character foreshadows Jyn Erso and Rey.


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