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Enrique Giancarlo is one of the main characters in Beyblade. He is the Italian member of the European Champions, the Majestics.

He was voiced by Daisuke Sakaguchi in the Japanese version, and by Julie Zwillich in the English version.


Enrique is a heir of an old Italian noble family and he descended from a long line of gladiators from ancient Rome. He fights with his Beyblade Amphilyon, a two headed Bit Beast (Holy Beast in Japanese version) based of an Amphisbaena (Which is also it's name in the Japanese version). He has a weakness for girls.

Enrique is a pretty good Beyblader. He's also a friend with Oliver and Robert. His bit beast is huge, and it would take about six Dragoons to equal its length.

All in all, Enrique just wants a girlfriend, and he's way better mannered than some of the other Beybladers on the Majestics team, though he is slightly eccentric.

Enrique in G Revolution

Enrique is the Italian member of the Beyblade team, The Majestics (Euro Team in Japan). He is good friends with Oliver and Robert. Enrique's Holy Beast is a huge two-headed lizard. It nearly attacked Enrique, after he kept nagging it to attack Dragoon, when battling Tyson. He likes girls, but even though he's a little Casanova, he is quite nice. Often he accidentally says the wrong thing to girls and makes them mad, but he makes up for it with his money.

During the match against the Blade Breakers, Enrique was benched and watched as his teammates lost to the Blade Breakers. He along with the others then began to work as a team and showed up in Russia to watch the Blade Breakers face of against the Demolition Boys. Had Tyson lost to Tala, he and his team had prepared to battle the Demolition Boys next.

He was shown watching the final battle between Kai and Tyson during G-Revolution and is seen along with Johnny, Miguel, Claude and the Dark Bladers in the epilogue.

Beyblade and Bit-Beast

Enrique's beyblade and Bit-Beast is Amphilyon.

Special Move

Twin Head Attack: Amphilyon attacks using both its heads, biting the opposing bit beast or simply tackling it.



  • At the end of the japanese Beyblade G-Revolution Miguel is holding him and looking at the Dark Bladers.
  • In the orginal Japanese version, his name is Giancarlo Tornartore and in the German version his name is Enrico (which is an actual Italian name, Enrique is Spanish.). In Italian version of anime and manga he is called Gianni.