Eos is the greek goddess of dawn and hope. She would fly through the sky with her wing or chariot bring the dawn.


Eos was cursed by Aphrodite to fall in love with many men. She asked Zeus to make one of her lovers immortal but forgot to ask for eternal youth Tithonus lived forever but he became so old that Tithonus was to weak to move or do anything. It saddened her to see what happened Tithonus so Eos left him. Before he became old Tithonus and Eos had a son named Memnon.

She also took part in the trojan war supporting the trojans because of her son Memnon who was a hero of troy. When Memnon was killed Eos felled to the clouds and darkened the sky Eos was so heart broken that she didn't want to bring the dawn the next day Zeus outraged by this he summoned her back. She begged Zeus to give her son a proper funeral he graduated her wish.

Although Eos is a minor goddess in ancient Greece she did however play apart in the the love story of Artemis and Orion. After Apollo and Gaia had sent Scorpiius which would become the Zodiac know as Scorpio Orion had to face off against many attempts to kill him from the sun god and the Primordial earth goddess. When Orion had lost his sight Eos took pity on the hunter and took him the island of Delos to restore the giant hunters vision. Eos fell in love with Orion and when the hunter regained his eyesight he tried to kidnap Eos.

This made Artemis angry Eos falling in love with Orion. The hunter trying to take Eos and keep her for himself when he was already in love with Artemis. Eos and Orion's love were some of the few things that Artemis got upset. Other actions Orion did to offend Artemis were falling in love with one of her Nymphs and killing almost every animal to the point almost becoming extinted.



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