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Xi-Tiger, I will never let you get Away.
~ Epsilon to Xi-Tiger in the intro of the game

Epsilon-Eagle is the main protagonist of the 1995 Sega Genesis video game Alien Soldier.


He is humanoid bird who dresses in silver armor.


He is the former boss of of a terrorist organization known as Scarlet who survived an assassination attempt by Scarlet’s members and now Epsilon plans to exact revenge against Scarlet for trying to assassinate him.

His absence had led to Xi-Tiger taking over and leading more frequent, brutal attacks on Planet Sierra, leading to members of Scarlet hating him and wanting Epsilon back.

Xi-Tiger later attacks a lab kidnapping children with super powers where he realizes that Epsilon was in one of the boys, but could not sense his evil.

Xi-Tiger took a girl hostage when Epsilon has not came out of the boy, this boy morphed into Epsilon who was a birdman with steel wings.

However, Xi-Tiger killed the girl anyways and fled. Epsilon now vowed not to let him get away with it.