Celeris was a native from a city in Italy; after Pallasites attacks, the time of that city was frozen, and only he and few citzens survived. He and the citzens hid theirselves in the sewer; the Castle of Pallas was a church in the city, so, the sewer's path accesses its subsoil.

Equuleus Saint

Celeris thought if he was more powerful, he could saves his city in the attack; but he don't knew any thing of power; so, Kitalpha arrived to save the citzens and die after; so, Celeris met the saints, and used the Kitalpha cloth to protect his city; but, he was not a Athena servant, and only used his cloth to save the citzens, and because this, never leave Pallasbelda to helps another citys like Kitalpha did.

Subaru and Death

The Equuleus Saint is cursed and kill all theirs users. Celeris believed that is only a myth, and when Kouga, Subaru and the other bronze saints arrives to invades Pallas Belda, Celeris made a scheme to invade the Castle of Pallas with the bronze saints, acessing it by the sewer. But, the pallasties discover his scheme and the sewer, and explodes the hiding place of the citzens.

He, altought injured, uses the same attack of Kitalpha to kill Hati, and because this, killing Hati and himself. Subaru (that follow Celeris and admirated him) hosts the Equuleus cloth, and promises defeat the cloth curse, because he will became a god, and gods don't die.

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